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Winter Wedding Advice

Winter weddings can be an amazing event. With white decorations, glittery accessories, and excitement in the air your winter wedding is sure to be an event to remember. The bride will have special needs if the wedding is a winter one so think about footwear, a faux fur stole, and combatting wet floors. In addition to special bridal party needs here are a few winter wedding tips to help you with your big day.

First and most importantly is the venue for the winter wedding. If you live in a cold climate then you obviously don’t want an outdoor wedding or reception and the luau theme is not an option. You’ll want your wedding to be in a warm and inviting place. Consider holding the ceremony and the reception in the same building so that guests don’t have to drive in bad weather. A second tip is to hire extra help. Winter weather is unpredictable so having a few extra hands to run errands, park cars, check coats, mop up melted snow, or whatever else might pop up is a good idea. A third winter wedding tip is to allow the winter theme to integrate your wedding. There is no sense in fighting nature so I say, embrace it. My final winter wedding tip is to use the winter weather to dictate your party favor. Guests will remember your wedding for years to come if you give them a wedding favor that exemplifies winter. For example a hot cocoa kit or an espresso set that they can use later.


There is no doubt that a winter wedding can be beautiful and memorable but it could also be messy and wet. The most important winter wedding tip is to plan ahead. You won’t be able to predict the weather or stop a snow storm but you certainly can be ready if it were to happen. You’ll be prepared for anything if you prepare in advance. The winter wedding is your wedding and the bride is always the priority but you never want to forget the comfort of your guests. Hiring extra help to greet your guests and tend to their needs will free the bride and groom up to enjoy their event. Following a few simple winter wedding tips will help make your special day an event to remember.

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