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Veil or No Veil? That is the question!

top-downVeils have been a wedding accessory around for ages.  Recently brides have done away with this accessory.  So the question is, do you wear a veil, yes or no?  I guess it depends on the bride.  Some brides like to follow tradition and some brides like to make their own traditions.  I personally would say yes to a veil.  I feel like the groom should be the first person to see the bride after she walks down the aisle.  I also feel that a veil helps the bride stand out.  It is her special day so she should not blend in with the guests she should stand out so she is seen all day long.

Today there are so many different veil styles to choose from.  Cathedral, Bird Cage, and Finger Tip, are just a few of the many styles. These different styles cater to the many different looks the brides have.  You can find the perfect veil for your bridal look.

Remember there are so many different companies that sell veils online.  All online retailers usually buy from the same companies the store retailers buy from.  So don't get tricked into buying a veil at the same retailer that you bought your wedding dress from.  Shop around, I am sure you can find the same veil at a more affordable price.  Happy Veil shopping!!

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