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To Top it Off

Besides the bride and groom, the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the wedding reception. Everyone walks into a reception, no matter where it is being held, and looks for the cake. Wedding cakes today are amazing artistic creations that reflect the style and personalities of the bride and groom. They should be topped with the most amazing cake topper to be found.


Cake toppers don’t have to be old and boring, they can be just as amazing as the cake itself. They are perfectly paired with many different themes, styles, and tastes. For instance a cake topper can be a simple but elegant heart shape with wedding bands encircled upon it. Or, it can be a delicate pair of doves staring into each other’s eyes. Try a cake topper that proclaims Mr. and Mrs. in black and white. There are many cake toppers that are sure to express the love that is in the air.

Cake toppers aren’t just for wedding cakes anymore. Perhaps the celebration is a milestone anniversary; a magnificent number 25 or 50 in sparkling silver would be appropriate. Consider a large birthday bash at the beach with a sandcastle cake topper sitting on a creatively designed beach themed cake.

Cupcakes have become a trendy way to celebrate more than just a child’s birthday. They can also be decorated with a petite but pretty topper. Cupcakes can be dressed up with a nice wrapper that matches the occasion. There are many amazing ways to top the icing on the cake.

Cake toppers are a fun and creative way to add the finishing touch to any celebration cake. Whether the cake be for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even a bridal shower there is a top to place on the cake. Guests will be taking pictures of the beautifully designed cake before they gladly take a bit out of it. Don’t hesitate to choose the perfect topper that is right for the occasion. There is one that fits every theme, atmosphere and occasion. The guests of honor will have a special memory to take home and display in a special place. A cake topper is a memory that will want to be shared for years to come.

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