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The Gift of Coffee

A wedding favor is a gift given to the guests, the bridal party, or anyone that the bride and groom wants to honor with a special thank you. Simple favors are nice for all of the guests and more elaborate and expensive favors are for special guests. The guests will be happy because the you thought about them on your special day. There are many types of favors that will make the recipient smile but if you have an extra special guest put a smile on their face with coffee favors.

Coffee favors are any type of vessel that is used for serving coffee. An especially nice coffee favor is a coffee service that includes a six cups and saucers. Another amazing coffee favor is a delightful espresso set complete with espresso pot, two cups and two saucers. If you really want to show your special guest just how much you appreciate their participation in your big day, think about giving them a 12 piece black and white espresso set.


The 12-piece set comes with six cups and six saucers. For a simpler option look at a delicate set of two cups and saucers that can be presented in the lovely heart shaped box. Additionally, a two-piece set can be bought in an amazing gold color and also presents in a heart-shaped box. There are lots of options for all of your guests and each one will be appreciated by all.

Coffee favors are a great way to tell guests how much you care about them. They are especially important for the bride’s maids, the groomsman, and anyone else that played a key role in making your wedding the amazing event that you dreamed of. These nice favors extend your love to the guest and remind them that they are appreciated. If your special guests drink coffee or serve other people who drink coffee, then one of these amazing coffee and espresso sets is perfect. The sets come with the ability to serve two, four, or six guest. Each set is designed to fit any kitchen style and comes in a wonderful presentation box. The bride and groom will make a positive impression when they gift coffee favors to their loved ones.

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