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The Classic Look

For the bride who wants a classic formal look bridal gloves are a perfect choice. Bridal gloves bring a touch of class, and elegance and they make a statement of the bride’s look. But gloves are not just for the bride. Gloves look fabulous when paired with a prom dress or a little black cocktail dress.


There are many types of bridal gloves to choose from. Bridal gloves are traditionally white and come in material that matches the wedding gown. They can be short coming up to the wrist in a shimmering white. Other gloves are elbow length or even super long. No matter what length you choose you also have color options. Gloves can be white, ivory, or even black. The bride should choose a pair of gloves that contrast the dress. The gloves should not fight the dress for attention but instead they should accentuate the look. If the wedding gown is strapless or sleeveless than any length of glove is suitable. However, if there are sleeves, jackets, or covered shoulders then that will dictate how long the gloves should be. Finally, the gloves should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose.

Whichever gloves are chosen they aren’t just for brides. Bridal gloves in shimmering white are perfect for the prom. What teenaged girl doesn’t want to shine on prom night? The addition of a beautiful pair of shimmering bridal gloves will have her standing out among the crowd. Furthermore, they pair well with a black cocktail dress. Black gloves at a black tie affair with a timeless little black dress is never too much black. Additionally, participants in a pageant may want to try a pair of elbow length gloves to add style and grace to an already glamorous event.

There’s no doubt that gloves are traditional and formal. They add an elegance to any dress that no other accessory could add. Whether they be white, ivory, or black, a well-chosen set of gloves are sure to make a statement. Gloves come in lengths to the wrist, elbow and even higher. The style of dress will dictate the length of the gloves chosen. Don’t hesitate to consider adding a pair of gloves to glam up the formal event.

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