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Remembering the Day

Wedding keepsakes are a necessary part of the entire wedding event. Not a single wedding party participant will want to go home without some form of memento of the occasion. There are so many wedding keepsakes to choose from that the bride and groom will have trouble selecting just one.

The bride and groom will want several wedding keepsakes to take home and treasure for the rest of their lives. For them, they may choose the candle holders that held the unity candle. Or, if they did a sand ceremony instead, they will want to keep the vase full of sand as a wedding keepsake. In addition to candle holders and vases, the bride and groom will want their cake topper as a wedding keepsake. This is the lovely resin piece placed at the top of the elegant wedding cake. Of course, they will want a special photo frame with the best picture of the day. For the bride and groom there will be many wedding keepsakes and for the rest of the bridal party they can expect lovely keepsakes as well.


To make your wedding day memorable consider giving the gift of customized wine glasses, beer mugs, or pub glasses.

The bridesmaids and groomsman alike will enjoy taking home a set of these drinking vessels with their initial on them. They will always remember the day that they received these lovely wedding keepsakes. The guests at your wedding may also be looking for wedding keepsakes. For them the bride and groom may choose lovely tea light candle holders placed at every reception table.

Additionally, picture frames, jar glasses, or bottle openers make great wedding keepsakes.

The people in your wedding party have played a very important part in your big day. Some of them have been helping you for months. It is only fitting that you reward them with a loved wedding keepsake gift. There are dozens of fine customizable options. The guests at your wedding will also appreciate the thought you had for the when you place favors at the reception tables. Wedding keepsakes are first and most importantly for the bride and groom but don’t discount the importance of keepsakes for those loved ones who had a hand in making the day fabulous.

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