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Remember Your Wedding

Hire a Professional Photographer

You might think you can skip the expense and just rely on friends and family to capture good photos from the ceremony and reception. Big mistake! Even though every cell phone out there today has a built-in camera, these pale in comparison to professional DSLR cameras. Of all the outside help you hire to make your wedding day a success, this is one you should splurge on.

Stage Fun Photo Ops

It’s fine to stand in one happy line and smile nicely for the camera, but it’s much more fun to look back on more creative photo ops. Use some of these ideas:

  • Get goofy with your bridal party.
  • Find an old picture from your parents’ wedding and recreate the same pose.
  • Use props to your advantage (picture frames, sparklers, flowers, wedding rings, scrabble letters, Christmas lights…).
  • Get creative with group pictures to show more energy and emotion than a mug shot.
  • Use perspective shots to make it appear the bride’s foot is crushing the groomsmen, the bride’s head is inside her wedding ring, or the groom is putting the crescent moon in the sky on his bride’s finger.

Encourage Selfies

Ask guests to text the pictures they take of themselves to either the bride or the groom. Then, the pictures are at your disposal to save digitally or print for a wedding guest keepsake album.

Set Up a Photo Booth

This is the chance for your wedding guests to get creative. Have plenty of props for them to choose from. Set up the booth so when the personalized photo strip prints out, guests know to tape the strip into your scrapbook and write a message alongside it. This method for remembering your wedding is one that guests love, too.

Personalize Memorable Items from the Event

So far, every way we have suggested to remember your wedding involves photos, but you have plenty of other options as well. Personalize some important items from the day so you have them to look back on years from now. Here are some items you might want to have engraved before the special day arrives:

  • Trinket box to hold small mementos from the event
  • Toasting glasses
  • Wine bottle
  • Cake knife
  • Picture frame
  • Ring bearer’s pillow
  • Candles
  • Cake topper

Choose a Creative Spin on the Classic Guest Sign-In Book

Setting up a photo booth is one great option for replacing the boring old sign-in book, as detailed above, but it’s certainly not your only option. Here are other methods you can use to document who came:

  • Guests write messages in the blank spaces around engagement pictures in a photo album.
  • Attendees sign their names on the oversized mat board surrounding an engagement picture. Have it professionally framed after the event.
  • Friends and family snap a Polaroid picture of themselves as they walk in, paste it in the guest sign-in book and write a message to go with it.
  • Wedding guests write their well wishes on custom letterpress note paper.

These ideas capture the important moments of your wedding day and document those who attended the special event, giving you memorable keepsakes you can cherish for years to come. For more useful wedding tips, please visit our Facebook page or contact Bella Bridal and Heirlooms today.

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