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Reception Table Setting Accessories

After the wedding ceremony has finished it is time to relax and enjoy the festivities at the after-party or reception as it is most commonly called. This time of savoring good food and fellowship can be as simple or as formal as the bride and groom decide with a buffet or sit-down dinner. The goal is to give everyone an opportunity to see and speak to the new couple before they head off on their honeymoon.


For those newlyweds that lean towards the formality of the occasion there is a way to ‘dress up’ the tables in a unique way to ensure that everyone knows where they are sitting. A sit-down reception requires a lot of prior planning for the menu and especially the head count as this will affect the way the room or hall is set-up. Long rectangular tables can seat more but round tables are more intimate for conversation and getting to know one another.

The head count also influences which guests you will put together to sit with each other during dinner. When you have a buffet there can be a more relaxed approach with people choosing their own seats but when you have ordered specific dishes based on your requests then it is easier to have it more organized. Instead of using traditional folded cardstock holders why not include this as part of your theme and utilize antique silver place card holders? These accessories can be purchased online in the quantity of your choice with a wide range of bases to choose from according to your motif and preference. Butterfly, carriage, ocean-theme or frame card holders make an excellent addition to any table. The best part is that you can include these as part of your wedding favor so guests can take their holder, home with them.

When you have the perfect wedding ceremony the only thing better is to finish it with the dream reception where every guest can enjoy the attention to detail and forethought that you put into the planning. Check out antique silver place card holders and see if you can find one that you enjoy.

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