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Pointing the Way

Wedding signs are both fun and functional. They serve a purpose, look nice, and can get a chuckle out of a guest. They can be made from wood, chalkboard materials, or paper. During the wedding and the reception, consider using wedding signs.

Direct the flow of traffic with a sign pointing guests in the right direction. A wedding sign with an arrow is an elegant way of getting guests to the ceremony or the reception. While you’re pointing them in the right direction, have them sign a sturdy photo mat. This is one sign you’ll want to hang up in the future. After the wedding, put a bride and groom photo in the center of your signed photo mat. Don’t forget that a “Just Married” sign is what you need for the reception. Hang the burlap sign for all to see the big announcement.


There’s no doubt that wedding signs are an important part of both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Signs can be a fun way to direct guests or to make announcements. If your ceremony is out in the country, put one on the corner so that the wedding sign can tell guests where to turn. A beautiful and fun sign is made using chalkboard paint. Tell the world about the bride and groom’s love with fun wedding signs. The names of the bride and groom can be displayed.

In addition to large and directional, wedding signs can be small and informational. Signs can be used as labels on tables for assigned seating. They can be wrapped around cupcakes or stuck to toothpicks. These signs make great additions to the atmosphere and decor of the wedding.

Whether you need a sign to point the way or are looking for a fun decoration, consider wedding signs. They can be large or small and made from various materials. Wedding signs can look vintage or modern. However they are displayed, they add to the decor of the wedding theme and reception. They can be placed around town to tell guests where to turn or hung overhead to remind people of the grand event they are about to witness. Howsoever wedding signs are used, be sure that they add to the atmosphere and create a nice flow throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception.

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