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Pink Camouflage Flask

Today it is appropriate to give gifts to both the groomsmen and the bride’s maids. If you are looking for a great gift for your bride’s maids then look no further than this pink camouflage flask. This gift is amazingly unique and can be personalized. Your bride’s maids are there for you during your special day so why not treat them to this amazing gift. The pink camo is leather and wrapped around a silver flask.


A pink camouflaged flask is a great gift for the girl who loves to take her drinks with her. Traditionally a flask is for alcohol but of course it can be filled with the beverage of choice. You don’t see pink camouflage flasks every day which makes this a unique and thoughtful gift especially for your bridesmaids. Make this flask even more thoughtful by personalizing it with her name engraved on an oval silver name plate.

Bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding ceremony and should be recognized by the bride. Giving a gift to the wedding party may not be expected but it is a nice gesture that says thank you and I appreciate you. A pink camouflage flask is just the gift that makes the right statement. Your bridesmaids are sure to feel the love when they open a box and see this personalized pink camo flask.

Besides being adorable, the pink camouflage flask is an affordable price. Most weddings are on a tight budget so it might be easy go cheap on wedding party gifts. With this amazing customizable pink flask the bride will not be forced to sacrifice quality for price. The silver metal plate customized with a name speaks volumes. It tells the bridal party that they are special, thought about, and appreciated.

If you are looking for a wonderful customizable gift for your bridesmaids then this pink camouflage flask just might be it. With great quality leather wrapped around a silver flask and then customized with a silver name plate this gift is sure to bring a smile their faces. The camouflage flask is priced affordably so no matter if you have to buy one or ten for your bridal party you will stay on the tight wedding budget.

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