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Picking the Perfect Set

Candles are an important part of decorating a wedding ceremony and reception. They also do more than just look pretty where they are sitting. Candle sets are used during the wedding ceremony. There is a special lighting ritual within the ceremony that symbolizes the uniting of two people. First the smaller candles are lit and held by the bride and the groom. Next, together, the bride and groom light the larger center candle. The larger lit candle is the symbol of the two individual people becoming one or the two lives joining as one. For this ceremony, the bride and the groom will want a special set of candles that look elegant.


There are many beautiful candle sets that work for this ceremony or simply look pretty if the bride and groom chooses not to perform this act. For example, the bride and groom may choose a traditional white candle with a pearl bow that states “and the two shall become one.” However, if they choose a more contemporary style, the couple might go with a peacock candle. The white candle is adorned with a magnificent peacock feather and green rhinestone accent. The entire candle set is sitting on a glossy silver candle holder.

Another delightful option for wedding candle sets is a white candle that sparkles with silver rhinestones and a black bow. Each individual candle has a set of silver rhinestones that are sure to glisten under the candle light. For the bride who is adding a little color to her ceremony, she may choose a white candle adorned with a green ribbon, white flower, and green feather accents.

Not matter what wedding candle set the bride and groom chooses, they can be assured that the candles are beautiful. They will look amazing poised at the altar awaiting the candle lighting ceremony. When the bride and groom light them the guests will be in awe over the symbolism of the event. They will be happy that they went with the candle set that best matched their theme, taste, and style. The candle set will be one that they can take home and enjoy on their anniversary for the rest of their lives.

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