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Organizing a Memorable Winter Reception

You’ve always dreamed of a white winter wedding and the day is finally approaching but with winter weddings and receptions there are many things to think about. How do you organize a memorable winter reception? You plan early, prepare for the worst, hope for the best and hire help. The first thing to do is to make a checklist of winter specific accommodations.

Check future weather predictions so you’ll be prepared for snow storms. Determine where the reception is being held and plan to have a warm place for guests to assemble. Think about organizing valet parking so that guests don’t have to walk through a slushy parking lot. Hire doormen to open doors allowing guests to get inside quickly. Consider a large room with a giant fireplace. You’ll want to hire a coat checker because guests will certainly be wearing winter coats that they will not want to carry around the reception. If you want a memorable wedding reception think about the food.


Food brings people together and you want your food to keep your guests warm. Perhaps a hot beverage bar complete with coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and any specialty adult drink that might be appropriate for your winter reception. If your hope is a memorable winter reception consider bringing the outdoors in, in the form of white glittery winter decorations. Use your imagination because the sky is the limit with a winter reception. Organizing a memorable winter reception might seem like a large undertaking but it can be done.

Making your wedding reception memorable in positive ways is easy if you plan ahead. Make a list of all possibilities and then narrow it down to stay on budget. Wedding favors given out at the reception can certainly add to the winter theme. Make your winter wedding reception memorable with dancing and entertainment that is sure to get your guests laughing, talking, and having fun. Remember that the key to any memorable wedding reception to plan ahead. Think about anything that could go wrong and put a stop to it before it ever starts. Plan for bad weather by hiring extra help. When you plan ahead you can be confident that your winter reception will be one that guests will remember for years to come.

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