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Old-Fashioned Wedding Jewelry

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ is how the old saying goes and many brides even today try to incorporate these items as a nod to past traditions. As with most things, times evolve along with style and fashion so that what was once considered the ‘height of couture’ is now a thing of the past and not usually seen by the modern bride.


This can be seen with dress styles, veils, shoes and even the jewelry worn by the bride or her attendants. Brooches were once a treasured piece of jewelry worn on a daily basis at the base of the throat, on a scarf or jacket lapel but they are rarely seen on the youth of today. For brides who appreciate the beauty of the past with a flair for the style of today there are options when you work with the right wedding vendor.

Gorgeous bridal brooches are designed with rhinestones and pearls in unique shapes and images that range from the simple to the ornate based on the bride’s preference.

They can be worn on the dress at the bottom of a V-neck or in other fashionable locations depending on the style and material of the ensemble. These pieces are the ideal finishing touch when you need just a little more ‘sparkle’ to the outfit whether it is for the wedding, reception or the honeymoon. Brides can also purchase these items as gifts for the mothers or the attendants as women always appreciate a fine piece of jewelry to add to their collection.

No matter what your reason for deciding on these traditional pieces of jewelry there are multiple designs and styles to choose from when you order from a wedding vendor that has options for everything. Get online and order yours today so that you can have the items in your hand and safely tucked away before the big day arrives. Make this your something old, new or blue or give to a friend and ‘borrow’ it for the event just to ensure that you satisfy the traditional saying like so many brides before you.

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