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Non-Traditional Bridal Accessories

The wedding day is the bride’s time to do whatever they want on their magical occasion. Many brides today are choosing to take non-traditional paths in order to be unique and different. Instead of long, flowing gowns with lace and pearls, you will find shorter, more contemporary designs that speak to today’s chic and minimalist desires.

Ceremonies have become less formal and accessories more diverse so that the bride’s personality is displayed in a more personal manner.

Veils are an accessory that have been around for a while but have greatly changed in style and design over the past few decades. An even greater deviation from tradition is the decorative headband that is worn on its own in place of the veil. These come in a wide range of options so that the wearer can decide what works best for them, whether it is the bride or the attendants based on the bride’s preference.


Rhinestone stretch headbands are an extremely popular choice due to their flexibility and comfortable wear especially for long periods of time. They have the formal appearance with jewelry or flower designs and wrap around the entire head which works whether the hair is being worn up or down. If the bride prefers the more traditional headband style that is worn only across the top, then these are also available for purchase in a variety of designs.

This can work on its own or in combination with an appropriate and simple veil complimented by the accessory. Either way, the wearer has a unique hair adornment that can be as ornate or simple as you desire and accentuate your best features.

Take the time to search online wedding vendors that specialize in traditional and diverse bridal accessories like jewelry and rhinestone stretch headbands , ceremony accoutrements, and attendant gifts so that you can get everything accomplished in one location. All your items will be delivered directly to the location of your choice and you don’t have to worry about breaking the budget in order to have the wedding of your dreams. Order ahead of time or pay for fast delivery if a quick turnaround time is needed.

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