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Many Uses for Candles

Candle holders are an important part of the wedding ceremony. They can also make a nice addition to the reception tables. Candle holders are little pieces of the wedding that the bride and groom will take home. They can also double as favors for the bridal party or special guests.


Candle holders for the wedding ceremony have a special purpose. Candles can act as a symbol of unity when lit together by the bride and groom. With this act in mind the holders should stand out from all of the rest. They should be something the bride and groom will want to take home and put in a special place. Candle holders that work for this event will usually include a set of three. There should be two thin ones and one thick one in the middle.

The two smaller ones being it by the bride and groom and then together lighting the larger middle one. Fantastic holders for this ceremony are black and white, solid silver, ivory pearl, or white with painted silver. The bride and groom candle set should be special and different.

In contrast, the reception tables can all show unity by displaying the same candles and candle holders. These can be anything that matches the reception them. They can be colored or plain glass. Try clustering together three candles or one larger one in the middle of the table. Hand select special candle holders for VIP guest tables as a respectable touch. The table guests can determine who gets to take the candles home.

There’s no doubt that candles play an important role at the wedding ceremony. There will be many different candles depending on each party’s tastes and traditions. Three simple candles at the ceremony or many candles carefully placed around the ceremony venue all have a role. Candle holders on the reception table can also act as wedding favors giving guests something to take home. However candle holders are used on the wedding day they are a great reminder of the special event long after the party decorations have been taken down. Wedding candle holders can be used at home for romantic candle lit dinners on the anniversary. They make for a great memory piece that can used for years and passed down for generations.

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