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Keeping Warm In Style


Winter weddings are becoming more popular these days.  You can still wear the strapless dress you’ve dreamed about for years, even if it’s cold on your wedding day.  The solution to staying warm is wearing a stylish faux mink wrap.  You will look so elegant and feel so warm when you are taking lovely outdoor pictures, made even more magical if there is snow in the background.  Indoors, take off the faux mink wrap and show off your stunning dress.glove5

Another way to stay warm in style is by wearing opera-length gloves. Gloves are a classy accessory; they have been around for years and have never gone out of style. Why not think outside of the box and accessorize with color.  Instead of wearing a white or an ivory wrap, wear a black one.  Black and white have always looked fabulous together. Or, maybe choose a brown faux mink wrap instead? If sheer is more your style, go with a gold or silver color for some “pop.”  Just make sure the color you choose matches your jewelry color. These are just a few ways of staying warm in a strapless dress these winter months.  Follow our Pinterest board "Winter Weddings" for more cover-up ideas.white

Don't forget to accessorize with gorgeous bridal jewelry. A brooch is a stunning piece of jewelry you can add to your wrap.  When you are done using the wrap, you can still wear the brooch.  Maybe add it to your dress at your waistline or attach it to your bouquet.  The lovely thing about a brooch is, you don't only have to wear it on your wedding day.  You can wear it every day, on your coat or fastened to a sweater or blazer.  A brooch is a piece of jewelry that can be fancy or casual, depending on your outfit.  I recently saw a newscaster at a football game wear a gorgeous brooch on her wool hat.  She looked fabulous!!

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