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Keeping the Sign

When a bride and groom get married, they plan their wedding to be a special day that is unique to them. There should be splashes of each of their personalities all over the ceremony and reception. This could be a reflection in the color scheme, the table decorations, even the clothing that the couple wears. Another way to add personality to the wedding reception or ceremony is to display a wedding signing frame.


A wedding signing frame is a 17.75" x 22" chalkboard that actually frames a photo of the bride and groom. Choose an engagement photo or a picture of the happy couple having fun. Placing this framed picture allows guests to leave messages to the happy couple. The signing frame can be placed anywhere the bride and groom see fit. Consider placing two, one at the entrance to the wedding ceremony and one at the entrance to the reception venue. Another great idea is to put the frame next to the bridal table so that guests can greet the couple and then leave a loving message.

Wherever the frame is placed, it is sure to delight the guests.

A wedding signing frame is a great wedding keepsake for the bride and groom. When the couple places a signing frame for guests to see, not only will they have a great decoration but they will also have a special one-of-a kind item to take home. The signing frame can be hung on the wall of the couple’s home where they will always be able to remember their special day.

The frame is a unique idea that not many couples will have. The bride and groom who choose the frame will have guests asking where it was purchased and how they can get one. The frame is a great centerpiece that can be placed near the gift table at the reception. There are many ways to get creative with this delightful wedding accessory.

The bride and groom can use their imagination and put the wedding signing frame wherever they see fit. Then, when it’s all over, they can take the frame home as remembrance of who was there to celebrate with them on their special wedding day.

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