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Jazzing up the Gown

The bride dreams of what her wedding gown will look like for years before she is ever engaged to be married. When the day comes and the bride picks out her wedding gown it is one of the most important wardrobe decisions she’ll ever make. No one can make it for her because the bride must feel in her heart that she has chosen the right gown.

Sometimes, the right gown needs a little bit of extra added. A bridal sash can add the extra touch taking a wedding gown from one on the list to the one and only.

If the bride chooses to wear a previously worn gown, perhaps her mother’s or grandmothers, a bridal sash is a way to personalize the gown for the next generation. In order to honor her mother the bride wears the heirloom dress.


However, purchasing a sash that is the bride’s own style can be a way for the bride to make the dress her own while still conforming to tradition.

Bridal sashes come in an assortment of styles and sizes. Any bride who is looking to accessorize her wedding gown or upgrade an heirloom, can find a sash that is perfect for the job. Bridal sashes can be ivory satin with an embellishment of a crystal sunburst. A bridal sash can be an elegant satin ribbon adorned with pearls, flowers, and rhinestones.

Another amazing option for the bride is a hand-made ivory silk flower. Any of these bridals sashes would make beautiful upgrades to the already amazing wedding gown. The bride cannot go wrong with any one of these fantastic selections.

When a bride walks down the aisle she wants to look her best. The wedding gown should be perfect and sometimes making it perfect means accessorizing with a bridal sash. The sash should match the gown and please the bride. It should match the bride’s style and personality. If the bride is not totally in love with the sash she should pick a different one. The sash could be crystals, pearls, or flowers and should always match the gown. When the gown and the sash make a complete pair, the bride will be the show stopper at the wedding ceremony.

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