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Highlighting the Wedding Theme

Wedding ceremony accessories incorporates a host of items. Accessories can be the ring bearer’s pillow, the candles on the altar, flower petals on the red carpet, or lots of other amazing items. One thing that wedding ceremony accessories have in common is that they all should match the theme of the wedding and they should be affordable.


Ceremony accessories can match each other, the wedding theme, or the wedding color palette, or both. A bride may choose for the ring bearer to carry a fancy pillow that matches the flower girl’s pretty basket and with amazing accessories that is possible. The bride may also want every accessory to be a brilliant white or glossy satin. In this case she’ll have many choices in candles, baskets, flowers, and table decorations. Accessories could also mean the wedding guest book with matching pen. The bride and groom will need candle holders for the unity candle ceremony or clear matching vases for the sand ceremony. The bride and groom may invite their pets in which case the dogs will need accessories as well. Little doggy skirts and ties are available for K9 guests.

During the wedding ceremony it is the accessories that help highlight the theme and colors of the wedding and the reception. Accessories reflect the bride and groom’s personality and should be used in special ways all over both the ceremony and reception venues. Accessories can also be used on the bride’s dress. For instance, a vintage brooch may be used to accessorize the bridal sash, headband, or scarf. Bouquet jewelry is also used to accessorize the wedding bouquet in the form of a pearl, rhinestone flower, or butterfly picks. The groom may also choose to accessorize his tuxedo with a customized pocket watch.

Wedding ceremony accessories give new meaning to wedding decorations. With so many amazing wedding accessory choices the bride will be looking for an excuse to buy more. With affordable prices and matching sets, the bride and groom will not have to sacrifice the look and theme of their wedding for the sake of the budget. They will be able to select the perfect wedding ceremony accessories and still stay within their spending limits.

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