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Garter Ceremony

Fewer things at the wedding are as exciting to the groom as knowing his bride is wearing a fun garter. A bridal garter is a hidden accessory that the bride places around her leg only for the new husband to remove. Once removed the garter is tossed to all of the single men at the wedding reception. It is a traditional, entertaining event at most wedding reception parties.


It is usually the bride who picks out the fancy garter that she will wear. She may get the help of her maid of honor. When the bride chooses her garter she can opt to go creative and fun by selecting one that doesn’t match the theme of the wedding but in fact, looks beautiful and sexy. The bride may choose a black, black and green, or black and white garter. She may also go with a very girlie pink tulle with petite flower. Another sexy choice is a satin teal with a peacock feather. Among other amazing garters, if the bride is the outdoor girl then she’ll want the camouflage garter with feathers. I’m not sure the bride is going to want to let anyone of these amazing garters go to a bachelor at her party.

One thing is for sure, whichever garter the bride chooses the new husband will love taking it off of her leg. He may not want to throw it away either but the lucky bachelor will be happy to have it; at least for a minute. His job is to then place the bridal garter onto the leg of the lucky bachelorette that caught the bridal bouquet. The lucky bachelorette will be thrilled to have the fancy bridal garter and may even consider wearing it the day she gets married.

The entire garter event is a fun part of the wedding reception. The bride and the groom will giggle their way through it while music plays in the back ground. The guests will all laugh and cheer as they watch the fun. The bachelors will all be fighting over who gets to catch the garter. In the end, the exchange is a tradition all meant for light hearted fun. Make it memorable by selecting the best bridal garter that suits the bride’s style and personality.

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