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Garden Weddings- Hot trend for 2015

73751c24543d0a2dcb00f040e6c8a8d7If you are a bride that doesn't like formal settings, then you will love this new trend.  Casual dining is a hot new trend for 2015.  Brides are getting away form the formal ballroom venue and taking their wedding outdoors.  In 2015 you will see more "garden themed weddings".  Brides are trading those lavish over sized centerpieces with loosely positioned ones. CP561Enew Bulky tablecloths are being replaced with table runners, chair covers are out and chair sashes are in.  You can still have the beautiful wedding you dreamed of for years.  Here are some more ideas when taking your wedding outdoors.  9a7fb8f8e62c04faf2e5a2f7e8a24efbInstead of hiring a photographer to photograph your guest why not invest in a Polaroid or a photo booth and have your guest take their own fun picture.  Make sure to leave a photo album out so that your guests can leave a photo with a little message for you.  d45c1d3c0bb9722d655b29308f69bc85Instead of having a formal bar with bar tender have drink stations creatively placed so your guests can help themselves.  You can also have desert stations so guests can help themselves,  Signs are a fun decoration to have at you wedding spotlighting the different area of the party for example: Dessert table, Photo area, etc.

c0f562cf9b77debe8b0afc420d93e92eIf you love the elegance of indoor weddings why not bring those elements out doors.  Like placing a beautiful chandelier over your table, or maybe adding an electric fireplace somewhere for pictures.  Remember to add candles anywhere you can. Once the sun sets the candles will provide a lovely atmosphere and set the perfect mood for your outdoor garden wedding. Check out our website for great garden inspired headpieces. They will complement any style wedding dress and are the perfect accessory for you garden wedding. And don't forget to purchase a wrap for the evening. Our chiffon wraps are a perfect way to stay warm in style.

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