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From the Top Down

Before a woman ever gets the engagement ring she dreams about the big wedding dress. The bride in her wedding gown is the center piece of the wedding ceremony and the reception. An important accessory to the wedding gown is the bridal veil. There are many wonderful bridal veils to choose from.


With so many different veils to choose from there is sure to be one for every bride and her unique style. The selection of veils includes different lengths. There are veils that cover just the face like a bird cage style. In addition to just covering the bride’s face, veils can flow down to the elbows, waist, and even cascade onto the floor. The length the bride chooses will be unique and personal to her based on the style of her wedding gown.

Not only are there many lengths to choose from but there are also many different designs. Veils can be white or ivory. They can be adorned with pearls, rhinestones, sequins or beads. Many glamorous veils contain floral appliques. In addition to the veil having beautiful features, the headband that holds the veil on is also an important part of the entire look.

Whether the veil is held on by a headband or a comb it will be glamorous. Bedazzled combs and headbands attach to the veil and then are placed in the bride’s hair. The comb or headband will have pearls, rhinestones, beads, or flowers magically arranged to create beauty and style that any bride will love. The choice of bridal veil will be in conjunction with a comb or a headband.

When the bride buys her wedding gown it’s one of the most important purchases of the entire wedding event. Along with the gown, the bride will need to find a matching veil. There are many wonderful veils to choose from. Veils can be super long or super short. They can have floral appliques, beads, gems, or rhinestones. Select from a plain veil with a dazzling bridal headband or comb to hold the veil on. Choose the veil that best matched the wedding gown whether it be ivory or white. Whatever the bride decides to wear on her wedding day you can bet that her entire look will be stunning.

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