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Flower Girl Baskets

One important part of a wedding is the flower girl. Before the bride walks, the flower girl carries a basket of flower petals down the aisle, tossing them out as she goes. The flower girl’s basket should be a reflection of the bridal bouquet. Think of the flower girl basket as a bridal bouquet accessory because it should complement the bridal bouquet.

The flower girl basket can mirror the bridal bouquet. She can carry the same flowers as the ones in the bridal bouquet. Also the flower girl basket comes in many different styles. Each style can complement the wedding theme or the bridal bouquet. The flower girl basket is an accessory to the little girl’s dress, the bride’s dress, or it could match the entire bridal party. Finally, the flower girl basket could simply be a beautiful addition to the wedding by having its own style and flair.


The flower girl basket comes in many shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Choose from a simple but elegant round cream colored basket or if bold is your statement then go for a white basket with a red bow and gemstone. A lovely choice is a cream basket with pearl handles. Other options for flower girl baskets include black and white, all purple, or all black. Perhaps you are having an outdoor wedding and would like to reflect that. There is a camo basket as well as a moss covered basket perfect for the outside wedding. Whichever flower girl basket you choose it is sure to make a statement while the little girl carries it down the aisle.

The flower girl basket should be thought of as a bridal bouquet accessory. It should reflect the style of the bride and the theme of the wedding. The little girl carrying the basket should be proud of her little flower petal filled basket as she walks down the aisle. With so many different styles and colors to choose from there will definitely be one to fit every wedding. Whether formal or casual, modern or vintage, there is a flower girl basket for the occasion. Wow your guests as they watch a beautiful little girl tossing pretty flower petals as she smiles her way down the aisle.

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