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Flower Girl Basket

Wedding flower baskets are a necessity for the wedding event. They come in many wonderful styles and colors. Flower baskets are carried by the flower girl as she walks down the aisle scattering flower petals as she goes.

The bride has many fabulous flower basket choices. She can choose a traditional solid vintage lace. Cream colored and modest but still a beautiful choice. If the traditional white and black is the style then there are plenty of amazing black and white baskets with lace, rhinestones, and ribbons. For the bride who is looking for a bit of color there are some with bright colors like red, green, or purple. A bride can never go wrong when she chooses solid satin white or solid satin black if that is the look she’s going for. If the bride likes to think outside of the box, or in this case, the basket, she can choose a magnificent moss covered basket or a lovely brown satin. In addition, the outdoor bride may want a wedding flower basket covered in peacock feathers or camouflage.


With so many wonderful basket choices the bride from any style will find exactly what she wants. She can choose modern, contemporary, or vintage and traditional. The bride may want to leave the decision up to the flower girl or she may want the basket full of petals to match the flower girl’s dress. In any case, the wedding flower basket is an important accessory in the wedding ceremony.

When the bride chooses the basket that the flower girl will carry she may want the basket to match the pillow that the ring bearer carries. That is very possible. The bride and the flower girl will be happy with whichever choice is made. Each basket is functional, durable and beautiful. Each one is made perfect; either round, oval, or square. Some are adorned with jewels, gems, and pearls. Others have delicate ribbon and rhinestones. Every basket has a unique look about it and the flower girl that carries it will be delighted with the basket full of flower petals. Guests will be in awe as they see the little girl walking down the aisle tossing petals from her own unique basket.

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