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Dress Shopping

Dress Shopping is the most exciting part of planning a wedding.  Brides love fantasizing about their wedding day.  The number one thing they fantasize is the stunning dress they will be wearing.  Lets be honest every bride-to-be starts looking at bridal magazines even before they are engaged.  They fall in love with pictures and hunt for that dress.  Alot of times the dress is not what they hoped.  Their dream dress is more of a nightmare.  It is dissapointing, but dress shopping always has a happy ending.  There is a dress out there perfect for you!  Some brides-to-be fall in love with the first dress they try on and some fall in love with the 20th dress or 50th one.

Once you have found your dream dress it is time to accessorize with headpieces, veils, jewelry and shoes.  Yes dress shopping is a lot of fun.  When your accessories are all chosen your dream dress looks perfect.

Your next task if finding a hairdo that ties the look all together.  Weather it be an updo or you leave your hair down, it will complete your dream look and your groom-to -be will be blown away as you walk down the aisle towards him.

Happy Wedding Planning!!!

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