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Don’t Forget the Details

The wedding ceremony, of course is the most important thing, and the bride and groom are the center piece of it all but we shouldn’t discount the importance of wedding ceremony accessories. Accessories are the items that dress up the wedding and the reception and tie the two together. They add the detail that takes the event from ordinary to extraordinary.


Wedding ceremony accessories can be anything from a fluffy pillow to feathers on the table. The pillow that the ring bearer carries is an important accessory and should match the theme of the wedding. Elegant candles lit by the bride and groom to symbolize unity make for beautiful accessories at the altar. Besides unity candles, the unity sand ceremony also utilizes accessories in the form of vases filled with colored sand. The basket the flower girl carries down the aisle along with the pedals that she gently tosses are both very important wedding ceremony accessories.

Something as simple as a beautiful vase or picture frame can dress up the wedding reception tables and tie the ceremony to the reception. Don’t forget the canine companion that might need a little sprucing up too.

There are many details at the wedding and the reception that require attention. Each individual wedding ceremony accessory will accentuate the grand occasion. The accessories don’t have to be large and expensive to make an impact on the aesthetics of the event. Sometimes simple and small stand out and speak volumes especially if they are special to the bride and groom. The accessories displayed at the wedding ceremony can be used as symbols that carry over into the wedding reception theme. Take for example a camouflaged ring pill may point to the bride and groom being the couple who loves nature and therefore the reception may have a nature theme laced throughout.

There are many ways to use wedding ceremony accessories to highlight the details of any wedding ceremony. They should not be overlooked because they bring personal touches from the bride and groom. The use of wedding accessories is limited only by the decorator’s imagination. With so many fabulous accessories to choose from the bride should have no problem lacing her wedding and reception theme throughout the entire event.

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