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Creative and Fun

One of the most exciting and creative parts of the wedding event is decorating for the reception. This includes the walls, floors, and of course the tables. There is no special rules for decorating the wedding tables. It’s entirely up to the personality and taste of the bride and groom. This is the task on the list where the bride gets to relax and have fun. There’s no need to stress over wedding table decorations.


Keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the bride and groom will help to narrow down a wedding reception theme and thereby helping to choose amazing table decorations. Table decorations come in so many wonderful shapes, sizes and colors that it is hard to pick just a few perfect pieces. However, adding too much will look cluttered and unmatched but not adding enough looks cheap and boring. Finding a balanced set of table decorations is key to lovely table dressings.

Consider diamond cut confetti as a glamorous wedding table decoration. Place cards and place card holders are both functional and fun. They tell guests where to sit and they act as table decorations. Candles are never a bad choice to place on tables and can be sent home with guests as favors. If the bride and groom are going for a natural theme they may want to look at mossy heart garland as a unique and fun wedding table decoration.

True love silverware holders are classy and functional as well. Black and white matches the groom’s tuxedo and the bride’s dress. Think of table decorations that do more than look nice. A small gold box of chocolates can be a decoration and a party favor. When it comes to decorating the tables, use your imagination and let creativity guide you.

When it comes to table decorations there are tons of amazing choices. All of them can be affordable and functional. Consider decorations that save on the budget by performing more than one purpose. Decorations can be guest favors, memorable photo frames, or simple glittery confetti. The only rule for the wedding reception tables is that they match the theme of the wedding and reflect the tastes and personality of the bride and groom.

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