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Choosing the right hairstyle and headpiece for your wedding.

3E3F2882I think a bride should consider comfort when she is choosing a hairstyle. Just like your shoes and dress, you are going to be in that hairstyle all day so make sure it is comfortable. Remember you don’t have your beautician following you all day so make sure it’s a hairstyle that is going to last.
Choosing a hairstyle to compliment your dress is not as difficult as it seems. Typically they say you should wear your hair in an up do when you are wearing a strapless dress. I disagree. I have seen many brides with their hair down in a strapless dress and they looked absolutely gorgeous. 0c9a065b4dade64130b26b31745eae87 I don’t think there should be rules on hairstyles. I think you should pick a hairstyle that is similar to your everyday look, just “fancy it up”. For example, if a bride normally wears her hair in a ponytail away from her face, then she should wear an up do on her wedding day. wedding-hairstyles-14-01162014 A Hair Barrette or Tiara are perfect headpieces for an up do. If she normally wears her hair down then she should keep it down but maybe add some loose curls for a glamorous look. A Headband is the perfect headpiece if you are keeping your hair down.712aea86e7af1945e03e241db886ec6f
I have noticed that today’s brides don’t wear a veil for too long, if at all. So I don’t think the veil you choose should dictate you hairstyle, unless you plan on wearing your veil all day. If that is the case then you should wear your hair in a way that won’t make the veil feel uncomfortable on your head. If you plan on wearing your veil only for the ceremony the popular Birdcage might be a perfect veil for you.4084V_M
Remember to go to your normal hairdresser. She knows you and will keep your look as close to you as possible. You don’t want to look like a different person on your wedding day.

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