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Table decorations

The decorations are the most fun part of planning your wedding reception. Decide what type of food and refreshments you're going to have so you'll know how to set the tables. Plan on having a head table for the wedding party. It's customary to have one or two tables reserved for the bride's and groom's parents. Guests can be seated at other tables. The bride and groom can decide beforehand whether guests will seat themselves or have assigned seating. Placecards and table markers can help people find their assigned seats or designated tables. The formality of the wedding table decorations should reflect the formality of the reception. Trying to decide which Bella Bridal & Heirlooms decorations you like the best? Narrow down your search by color or by price. Want to see them all? Change the number of items shown per page by clicking on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Coordinate Wedding Ceremony Accessories

    The amount of preparation and consideration that goes into planning a wedding often leaves the bride and her assistants exhausted and ready for the day to finally arrive. Not only does the bride have to decide what she is going to wear and her bridesmaids but also has a significant say in the groom and groomsmen attire, the ceremony schedule and the decorations. This does not include the reception, selection of the cakes and the gifts for everyone on her list.


    In an effort to streamline efforts and ensure everything is coordinated with each other for the big day, it helps to work with a single vendor for all your wedding needs. The best online companies in the industry offer a wide range of wedding inventory that covers everything from the bride’s necessities, presents and jewelry to the wedding day extras.

    Every product is carefully designed to be beautiful and elegant so that it can be used during the ceremony or after depending on its purpose. Even if you are looking for those ‘outside of the box’ items such as personalized totes, bags and shoes there is something for you to choose from. These make great gifts for the attendants or save something for yourself as a special secret for the groom.

    By ordering it online from a single resource you are not only able to coordinate all the details but save on shipping and know that all the items will come together to form the picture perfect wedding that you have been dreaming of. There is no reason to stress or overwhelmed when you can cross off multiple tasks on your list after just one trip to the computer and the best wedding vendor that can be found on the Internet.

    Take advantage of excellent prices, top quality and signature looks with wedding day extras that are considered true classics to those that are modern and contemporary. Check out the display of attendant’s gifts, veils, jackets, jewelry sets, cake accessories and favors so that you can get everything on your wish list identified and purchased early on in the process and savor your last days as a single woman.

    December 9, 2015
  • Canine Cuteness

    No matter what your parents or in-laws say, you want your dog to be a part of the wedding ceremony and reception. Your mother reminds you that tradition says the pets stay home during a wedding event. However, today’s modern bride and groom may already have animals together and they want them to be a part of the wedding ceremony. Whether it be dogs, cats, or even pot belly pigs, some people consider their pets to be part of the family and they want them involved in the union ceremony, the reception and even the photos. If there is a pet at your wedding then don’t leave them out in the cold; dress them up in their very own wedding attire.


    There are many ways to make your pets a part of the ceremony and dressing them up is one of them. Whether they are a boy or a girl there are different pet accessories that will look adorable on your canine companion. For the male dog in the ceremony, consider a fabulous black and white tuxedo collar. A black bow tie goes around the dog’s neck and a satin shirt lapel hangs down creating a gentlemen out of your hound.

    If the dog happens to be female then of course there are options for her. Think about how cute she will look in her very own wedding tutu. A skirt made of tulle with a satin bow is perfect for the canine lady. Or how about a beautiful pink and white flower collar. Whichever accessory is chosen for the canines they will look amazing on the wedding day. Handsome and beautiful just like the bride and groom.

    During the wedding ceremony many people like to include their pets. A pet can also be dressed for the occasion with just the right accessories. If you are going to include your canine family members in the ceremony then they should be dressed to impress with a nice collar, skirt, or bow. Prove to your mother that your dog belongs at the wedding because they are a part of your family. Dressing them appropriately will have everyone gushing over the playful pets. Finally, the wedding photos wouldn’t be complete without the entire family.

    December 5, 2015
  • Creative and Fun

    One of the most exciting and creative parts of the wedding event is decorating for the reception. This includes the walls, floors, and of course the tables. There is no special rules for decorating the wedding tables. It’s entirely up to the personality and taste of the bride and groom. This is the task on the list where the bride gets to relax and have fun. There’s no need to stress over wedding table decorations.


    Keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the bride and groom will help to narrow down a wedding reception theme and thereby helping to choose amazing table decorations. Table decorations come in so many wonderful shapes, sizes and colors that it is hard to pick just a few perfect pieces. However, adding too much will look cluttered and unmatched but not adding enough looks cheap and boring. Finding a balanced set of table decorations is key to lovely table dressings.

    Consider diamond cut confetti as a glamorous wedding table decoration. Place cards and place card holders are both functional and fun. They tell guests where to sit and they act as table decorations. Candles are never a bad choice to place on tables and can be sent home with guests as favors. If the bride and groom are going for a natural theme they may want to look at mossy heart garland as a unique and fun wedding table decoration.

    True love silverware holders are classy and functional as well. Black and white matches the groom’s tuxedo and the bride’s dress. Think of table decorations that do more than look nice. A small gold box of chocolates can be a decoration and a party favor. When it comes to decorating the tables, use your imagination and let creativity guide you.

    When it comes to table decorations there are tons of amazing choices. All of them can be affordable and functional. Consider decorations that save on the budget by performing more than one purpose. Decorations can be guest favors, memorable photo frames, or simple glittery confetti. The only rule for the wedding reception tables is that they match the theme of the wedding and reflect the tastes and personality of the bride and groom.

    December 4, 2015
  • Garter Ceremony

    Fewer things at the wedding are as exciting to the groom as knowing his bride is wearing a fun garter. A bridal garter is a hidden accessory that the bride places around her leg only for the new husband to remove. Once removed the garter is tossed to all of the single men at the wedding reception. It is a traditional, entertaining event at most wedding reception parties.


    It is usually the bride who picks out the fancy garter that she will wear. She may get the help of her maid of honor. When the bride chooses her garter she can opt to go creative and fun by selecting one that doesn’t match the theme of the wedding but in fact, looks beautiful and sexy. The bride may choose a black, black and green, or black and white garter. She may also go with a very girlie pink tulle with petite flower. Another sexy choice is a satin teal with a peacock feather. Among other amazing garters, if the bride is the outdoor girl then she’ll want the camouflage garter with feathers. I’m not sure the bride is going to want to let anyone of these amazing garters go to a bachelor at her party.

    One thing is for sure, whichever garter the bride chooses the new husband will love taking it off of her leg. He may not want to throw it away either but the lucky bachelor will be happy to have it; at least for a minute. His job is to then place the bridal garter onto the leg of the lucky bachelorette that caught the bridal bouquet. The lucky bachelorette will be thrilled to have the fancy bridal garter and may even consider wearing it the day she gets married.

    The entire garter event is a fun part of the wedding reception. The bride and the groom will giggle their way through it while music plays in the back ground. The guests will all laugh and cheer as they watch the fun. The bachelors will all be fighting over who gets to catch the garter. In the end, the exchange is a tradition all meant for light hearted fun. Make it memorable by selecting the best bridal garter that suits the bride’s style and personality.

    December 4, 2015
  • A Group of Great Bridesmaid Gifts

    Your bridesmaids are your best friends, they are the girls at your side on your big day, and they are the ones who have put up with you and the stress of wedding planning for months. It’s only right that you show your gratitude by gifting them with a wonderful bridesmaids’ gift. There are dozens of fabulous options to choose from and every one of them is an awesome choice.


    There are gifts to suit every personality in the bridal party. If your bridesmaids drink wine then a wonderful customized wine glass set makes a great gift. They can be etched with a single initial. If you are looking for a gift that each one can use all year long then check out a fantastic tote personalized with each girls’ favorite color and their own monogram or name. The bridesmaid that has all the fun could be very touched by the gift of her very own customized flask. Select from pink camo, silver, or colored and have her initial placed on it. Another fantastic gift to consider is one that will work overtime as both the jewelry worn at the wedding ceremony and the jewelry that she gets to take home and wear again. Finally, among so many more wonderful gift ideas, you can never go wrong with giving a beautiful set of pearls.

    There’s no doubt that the maid of honor and the bridesmaids are an important set of helpers to the bride. They play a critical role in guiding the bride and helping her with her long to-do list. The bride will want to gift her special helpers with the most magnificent gift favor that they can afford. There are many wonderful gift ideas well within the wedding budget. Anything the bridal party could want from customizable and personal to funky and fun. No one will be left out during the rehearsal dinner because everyone will be enjoying their very own gift selected personally for them.

    There’s a great way to thank your bridesmaids for a job well-done. A nice gift with their initial or monogram is special and personal. Finally, the ladies on the bride’s team will feel appreciated and loved when they open their special gifts.

    December 2, 2015
  • Jazzing up the Gown

    The bride dreams of what her wedding gown will look like for years before she is ever engaged to be married. When the day comes and the bride picks out her wedding gown it is one of the most important wardrobe decisions she’ll ever make. No one can make it for her because the bride must feel in her heart that she has chosen the right gown.

    Sometimes, the right gown needs a little bit of extra added. A bridal sash can add the extra touch taking a wedding gown from one on the list to the one and only.

    If the bride chooses to wear a previously worn gown, perhaps her mother’s or grandmothers, a bridal sash is a way to personalize the gown for the next generation. In order to honor her mother the bride wears the heirloom dress.


    However, purchasing a sash that is the bride’s own style can be a way for the bride to make the dress her own while still conforming to tradition.

    Bridal sashes come in an assortment of styles and sizes. Any bride who is looking to accessorize her wedding gown or upgrade an heirloom, can find a sash that is perfect for the job. Bridal sashes can be ivory satin with an embellishment of a crystal sunburst. A bridal sash can be an elegant satin ribbon adorned with pearls, flowers, and rhinestones.

    Another amazing option for the bride is a hand-made ivory silk flower. Any of these bridals sashes would make beautiful upgrades to the already amazing wedding gown. The bride cannot go wrong with any one of these fantastic selections.

    When a bride walks down the aisle she wants to look her best. The wedding gown should be perfect and sometimes making it perfect means accessorizing with a bridal sash. The sash should match the gown and please the bride. It should match the bride’s style and personality. If the bride is not totally in love with the sash she should pick a different one. The sash could be crystals, pearls, or flowers and should always match the gown. When the gown and the sash make a complete pair, the bride will be the show stopper at the wedding ceremony.

    December 2, 2015

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