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Bridal Accessories

Your dress is the focal point of your bridal outfit, but it's the accessories that pull it all together. Bella Bridal and Heirlooms offers a wide range of bridal accessories, from wedding gloves to sashes to headpieces. Choose accents that fit in with the style and color of your dress. Bridal sashes add a touch of chic detail to a simple dress. Decide whether or not you're going to wear a traditional or contemporary veil. Our selection of bridal veils offers the gracefulness of a single layer or the mystique of a double layer. Click on the images below to discover the finer details of our wedding accessories. Looking for a special color for your special day? Choose your color on the lower left-hand side of the page to narrow your search.

  • Don’t Forget the Details

    The wedding ceremony, of course is the most important thing, and the bride and groom are the center piece of it all but we shouldn’t discount the importance of wedding ceremony accessories. Accessories are the items that dress up the wedding and the reception and tie the two together. They add the detail that takes the event from ordinary to extraordinary.


    Wedding ceremony accessories can be anything from a fluffy pillow to feathers on the table. The pillow that the ring bearer carries is an important accessory and should match the theme of the wedding. Elegant candles lit by the bride and groom to symbolize unity make for beautiful accessories at the altar. Besides unity candles, the unity sand ceremony also utilizes accessories in the form of vases filled with colored sand. The basket the flower girl carries down the aisle along with the pedals that she gently tosses are both very important wedding ceremony accessories.

    Something as simple as a beautiful vase or picture frame can dress up the wedding reception tables and tie the ceremony to the reception. Don’t forget the canine companion that might need a little sprucing up too.

    There are many details at the wedding and the reception that require attention. Each individual wedding ceremony accessory will accentuate the grand occasion. The accessories don’t have to be large and expensive to make an impact on the aesthetics of the event. Sometimes simple and small stand out and speak volumes especially if they are special to the bride and groom. The accessories displayed at the wedding ceremony can be used as symbols that carry over into the wedding reception theme. Take for example a camouflaged ring pill may point to the bride and groom being the couple who loves nature and therefore the reception may have a nature theme laced throughout.

    There are many ways to use wedding ceremony accessories to highlight the details of any wedding ceremony. They should not be overlooked because they bring personal touches from the bride and groom. The use of wedding accessories is limited only by the decorator’s imagination. With so many fabulous accessories to choose from the bride should have no problem lacing her wedding and reception theme throughout the entire event.

    December 2, 2015
  • Aged to Perfection

    Finding amazing gifts for the best man or the groomsman is not always easy. You want to thank you them for a job well done by presenting an amazing gift. The gift should be special, personalized and mean something to the recipient. A unique gift for the best man or all of the groomsman is a table top oak barrel that holds his favorite beverage of choice.


    Consider purchasing an oak barrel as a wedding favor for the best man or all of the groomsman. The oak barrel holds wine or liquor and comes with a convenient spout for dispensing the liquid. The oak barrel is steel banded and holds two liters of liquid. What makes this an amazing gift is that it can be personalized with the recipient’s name or initials. The best man who receives this gift will be sipping and smiling for many years to come. Every time he uses the barrel to serve himself or his guests he’ll remember the glorious event that was your wedding day.

    Oak wine barrels make great gifts for more than just the best man at a wedding. Beautiful barrels makes great gifts for the wine lover in your life. Consider giving an oak barrel as an anniversary present or a birthday present. Even if you decide to keep the barrel for yourself don’t forget to personalize with names, initials or a date.

    Barrels can be used for different purposes. For starters, use your oak barrel for storing your favorite liquid. Use it to age homemade wine to perfection. Or, try aging whiskey, rum, or tequila until you get the flavor you’re hoping for. However you choose to use the barrel you can be confident that it will be fun and delicious.

    Oak barrels are made with steel bands, a spigot, and a hole with a cork. It’s perfect for a table top decoration or topic of conversation piece. Try having a wine party and experimenting with different flavors. Giving a barrel as a gift for any occasion will make the recipient extremely happy. Finally, aging your favorite liquor in a fine oak barrel will create a delicious and one of a kind beverage to serve your guests or enjoy with a loved one on a relaxing evening.

    December 2, 2015
  • All-Occasion Earrings

    Clip on bridal earrings are a sensible solution for anyone in the bridal party that does not have pierced ears. Clip on earrings come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so it should not be a problem to find a beautiful pair for any special occasion. In addition to weddings, clip on bridal earrings are perfect for any formal event, prom, homecoming or holiday party.


    Clip on bridal earrings are brilliant, dazzling, and beautiful. They come in many different colors like gold, ivory, silver, or white. Choose from a variety of styles like traditional pearls. Classic pearl studs are always a great choice for weddings. Pearls can also come in a dangling style paired with crystals. Another option is a clip on crystal tear drop earring. Don’t forget to consider cubic zirconia marquis or simple cubic zirconia stud. Anyone in the bridal party that does not have pierced ears does not have to be left out. There are beautiful earrings that look amazing and match any style of dress.

    Weddings are not the only occasion where clip on earrings may be needed. These are perfect for little girls serving as flower girls or big sisters who don’t have pierced ears. Clip on earrings can be worn by teenagers and would pair very nicely with a fancy prom dress. Additionally, clip on earrings will be lovely at a cocktail party or fancy evening dinner party paired with a little black dress. Really, any occasion is the perfect occasion for clip on earrings.

    Clip on bridal earrings also make a great gift. If the bride wants to show gratitude to her bridesmaids any lovely pair of clip on earrings would work. If the mother of the bride or even the grandmother doesn’t have pierced ears then they may love a pair of these dazzling earrings as a gift. Practically anyone would love a pair of classic and traditional pearl earrings.
    Clip on bridal earrings are not just for the bride. These wonderful earrings can be worn by anyone in the bridal party. They are also lovely additions to a prom dress, cocktail dress, or formal dinner out. Whether pearls, crystals, or cubic zirconia; gold, silver, or white, they all make a pretty accessory to any outfit.

    December 1, 2015
  • Tote ‘em

    What girl can live without a fabulous bag? Most need a bag to carry personal items, keys, or cell phones. Totes and bags make awesome gifts for the girls in the bridal party. There’s a bag for everyone from the maid of honor all the way to the flower girl.

    Check out a fantastic tote or bag personalized with the girls’ names, date, or initials. Bags and totes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors so there will be one for every favorite color in the bridal party. For the little flower girl totes come in white with pink straps and a cute little flower girl impression. A special tote for the maid of honor personalized with her initial and her favorite color. Other amazing bags to choose from include a pink satin travel bag with the word bridesmaid embroidered on, a monogrammed cosmetic bag, or a white tote with colored straps. Any of these beautiful totes and bags can be personalized with a name or initial to make an unforgettable bridal party favor. The entire bridal party will be remembering the wedding every time they use their bag.


    Totes and bags make unforgettable wedding favors for the entire bridal party. They can be customized and personalized to each individual person. The mother of the bride may love one with her name or initial on it. With affordable prices totes and bags are directly in line with everyone’s strict wedding budget. The bride will be talk of the party when she presents these gifts to her bridal party.

    Aside from a wedding gift, bags make amazing presents for many different occasions. The gifts can be personalized with names or initials making them special to the recipient. A bag is a great birthday present for anyone of any age. A soft sided cooler can be used by everyone for picnics and road trips. Tote bags are convenient for carrying things like groceries, kid’s items, beach attire, or personal items. If you don’t have a gift to purchase on your list, consider one for yourself. The price of bags and totes are affordable making them a useful and practical item to buy for yourself as well as for someone else.

    December 1, 2015
  • To Top it Off

    Besides the bride and groom, the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the wedding reception. Everyone walks into a reception, no matter where it is being held, and looks for the cake. Wedding cakes today are amazing artistic creations that reflect the style and personalities of the bride and groom. They should be topped with the most amazing cake topper to be found.


    Cake toppers don’t have to be old and boring, they can be just as amazing as the cake itself. They are perfectly paired with many different themes, styles, and tastes. For instance a cake topper can be a simple but elegant heart shape with wedding bands encircled upon it. Or, it can be a delicate pair of doves staring into each other’s eyes. Try a cake topper that proclaims Mr. and Mrs. in black and white. There are many cake toppers that are sure to express the love that is in the air.

    Cake toppers aren’t just for wedding cakes anymore. Perhaps the celebration is a milestone anniversary; a magnificent number 25 or 50 in sparkling silver would be appropriate. Consider a large birthday bash at the beach with a sandcastle cake topper sitting on a creatively designed beach themed cake.

    Cupcakes have become a trendy way to celebrate more than just a child’s birthday. They can also be decorated with a petite but pretty topper. Cupcakes can be dressed up with a nice wrapper that matches the occasion. There are many amazing ways to top the icing on the cake.

    Cake toppers are a fun and creative way to add the finishing touch to any celebration cake. Whether the cake be for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even a bridal shower there is a top to place on the cake. Guests will be taking pictures of the beautifully designed cake before they gladly take a bit out of it. Don’t hesitate to choose the perfect topper that is right for the occasion. There is one that fits every theme, atmosphere and occasion. The guests of honor will have a special memory to take home and display in a special place. A cake topper is a memory that will want to be shared for years to come.

    December 1, 2015
  • From the Top Down

    Before a woman ever gets the engagement ring she dreams about the big wedding dress. The bride in her wedding gown is the center piece of the wedding ceremony and the reception. An important accessory to the wedding gown is the bridal veil. There are many wonderful bridal veils to choose from.


    With so many different veils to choose from there is sure to be one for every bride and her unique style. The selection of veils includes different lengths. There are veils that cover just the face like a bird cage style. In addition to just covering the bride’s face, veils can flow down to the elbows, waist, and even cascade onto the floor. The length the bride chooses will be unique and personal to her based on the style of her wedding gown.

    Not only are there many lengths to choose from but there are also many different designs. Veils can be white or ivory. They can be adorned with pearls, rhinestones, sequins or beads. Many glamorous veils contain floral appliques. In addition to the veil having beautiful features, the headband that holds the veil on is also an important part of the entire look.

    Whether the veil is held on by a headband or a comb it will be glamorous. Bedazzled combs and headbands attach to the veil and then are placed in the bride’s hair. The comb or headband will have pearls, rhinestones, beads, or flowers magically arranged to create beauty and style that any bride will love. The choice of bridal veil will be in conjunction with a comb or a headband.

    When the bride buys her wedding gown it’s one of the most important purchases of the entire wedding event. Along with the gown, the bride will need to find a matching veil. There are many wonderful veils to choose from. Veils can be super long or super short. They can have floral appliques, beads, gems, or rhinestones. Select from a plain veil with a dazzling bridal headband or comb to hold the veil on. Choose the veil that best matched the wedding gown whether it be ivory or white. Whatever the bride decides to wear on her wedding day you can bet that her entire look will be stunning.

    November 28, 2015

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