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Bridal Accessories

Your dress is the focal point of your bridal outfit, but it's the accessories that pull it all together. Bella Bridal and Heirlooms offers a wide range of bridal accessories, from wedding gloves to sashes to headpieces. Choose accents that fit in with the style and color of your dress. Bridal sashes add a touch of chic detail to a simple dress. Decide whether or not you're going to wear a traditional or contemporary veil. Our selection of bridal veils offers the gracefulness of a single layer or the mystique of a double layer. Click on the images below to discover the finer details of our wedding accessories. Looking for a special color for your special day? Choose your color on the lower left-hand side of the page to narrow your search.

  • Many Different Occasions

    Wedding clips on earrings are a real wardrobe saver for those brides that want all their bridesmaids to be matched properly from head to toe. It is very important to some brides that all her helpers wear the same shoes, dresses, and even jewellery. For the ladies in the bridal party that don’t have pierced ears, clip on earrings are a life saver and available in many different settings.


    Clip on earrings that are designed for weddings come in a variety of sizes, settings, and colours. These are not your grandmother’s earrings. In fact, they all look sparkling and amazing just as if they were the pierced version.

    A bride can choose from pearl or CZ studs. If that is too plain, don’t worry, she is sure to love a gorgeous CZ marquis cluster. For the bride who loves the classic pearl but wants a bit of sparkle added to it, she will love the pearl drop earrings mixed with a cluster of braided CZs. She may also want her pearls set in a drop fashion with crystals. Any of the clips on earrings will match perfectly with the bride’s wedding gown. They will also create the uniform look with the bridesmaids.

    Wedding clips on earrings are not just for the bride. In fact, they will be perfect for the flower girl. Some little girls don’t have their ears pierced yet but they may want a little extra jewellery too. When the little girl puts on her fancy dress and carries a basket of flower petals down the aisle, she is going to want her own earrings as well.

    A little girl likes to play dress up and she will love the entire outfit of the fancy dress, shoes, and earrings.

    Lovely wedding clip on earrings are an affordable alternative for anyone who does not have pierced ears but still wants to wear fancy jewellery. The beautiful clip on earrings are not just for the wedding day but will also look great for an evening out on the town, Sunday morning services, or paired with that little black dress for a fancy dinner party. The earrings are very versatile and will no doubt get worn many times throughout the year.

    June 2, 2016
  • How to Choose a Wedding Veil

    All brides want to appear at the finest on their wedding day and to follow the preliminary thrills of deciding on the all-important dress the next step in the bride's mind will likely be her hair style and which wedding hair accessories to pick for herself as well as her bridesmaids.

    A detailed consultation with the hair stylist who is going to style her on the actual big day is an excellent initial step, to talk about and obtain suggestions with regards to which accessory could well be the most suitable for the selected hairstyle. An experienced wedding stylist definitely will hold an abundance of knowledge to draw on and can quickly offer qualified advice on the benefits of the several obtainable ornaments.


    It is important to pick the wedding veil based not only on the style of the dress but also on the circumstances and surroundings of the wedding as well. For example, if the bride has already been married, a short dress may be chosen for the special day. In this instance, it is obvious that a long veil with a train would not be appropriate; a short, shoulder-length veil would look much better. If the bride-to-be chooses a long, flowing gown with elaborate detail, it would be wiser to choose simple wedding veil hair clips with maybe just a bit of sequin to add sparkle. A veil that has a lacy trim around the edges is also another popular choice. In this case, it would be fine if it was long, mid-back length, or even a double or triple layered look, with or without a blusher.

    Some veils sit just on top of the head and have tulle netting that comes barely below the eyes, in the event the bride chooses this style. It is more a retro look from the 60s but may appeal to those who love the designs from that decade. If the wedding couple gets married outside in the grass or on a beach, more appropriate wedding veil hair clips in those kinds of surroundings would be one that is either shoulder-length or down to the middle of the back. This would ensure that all the dirt, sand, and possible witness from the ground would not ruin the look of the veil.

    There are lots of times when a woman chooses to have a fancy hairstyle as opposed to wearing her hair down. She may pick a wedding veil hair clip that either encircles or pins up under her beautifully coiffed look. There are several of these kinds of veils to choose from as well. They can be made with lace, hair pins, hair clips, or hair combs attached at the top. The theme, style, circumstance, or visual surroundings of a wedding are as varied as the woman who is getting married. The veils that top off her dream dress are as diverse, beautiful, and eclectic as the woman that wears it. Matching the veil to the dress, theme, and atmosphere adds to the perfection of the day.

    May 26, 2016
  • Guest Attendance without the Book

    The wedding guest book is an age-old tradition that goes back to immemorial decades. The purpose is to give guests a way to let the bride and groom know that they attended the invite so that they can receive a ‘thank you’ later on as well as doubling as a keepsake for the couple to refer back to later on. These books are very traditional but for brides who want a method that is trendier and more unique there are plenty of other options available through online vendors.


    Bridal card boxes are available in a wide range of styles and designs including cakes, boxes, suitcases and even a coach for the princess, fairy tale wedding. Cards are provided separately and allow the guests to write their name and a thought before dropping it into the designated container. This gives more freedom and flexibility to individuals who may not get a chance to stay for the reception and see the couple. This way they can let them know that they were present and send well-wishes instead of just a name.

    Online bridal vendors are the ideal place to shop for all your wedding and reception needs due to their variety of accessories for gifts, keepsakes, tools, clothes and travel. The best part is that you don’t have to drive around town to find what you are looking for because you can order it from the comfort of your home computer and have all the items shipped directly to you. This saves you time, money and energy during a period where there is plenty to do for everyone involved.

    Once you find the bridal card box you want then purchase it and find the perfect spot for it at the front of the church when guests are walking in and then again on a main reception table. The wedding day is full of activities and moving from one place to another that it can be easy to miss a guest here and there; however, with the card boxes you can be sure that you will have a way to see who attended and reach out to them at a later time.

    May 24, 2016
  • Find Fashionable Accessories as Bridal Mementos

    When you want to say ‘thank you’ to the attendants who stood by you on that special day of your life it is important to find just the right token of appreciation. As a bride you also want to ensure that everyone standing up front with you looks their very best so why not accomplish two actions with one gorgeous set of jewelry. It is the bride’s choice to decide what the bridesmaids will wear at the altar including jewelry, hair style and shoes so finding something that makes them look good and can be theirs after the wedding is over is the ideal solution to look for.


    Jewelry sets are a great addition to any woman’s personal collection and quality online bridal vendors offer a wide range of options to choose from. You can log on to your home computer and find the perfect set that will accentuate their beauty along with enhancing the dress. This gift can be presented at the rehearsal dinner as a ‘thank you’ so that they can wear it for future occasions as well and it is an item that they don’t have to pay for.

    Choose from diamond drops, pearl/diamond combinations or be unique and go with a crawler set that sets your group apart from everyone else. The best part is that you can select any combo that works with the dresses you have chosen. For example, if the bridesmaids’ dresses have a high collar then use an earring and bracelet combination as the gift in place of a necklace. These are items that can be worn to a variety of events such as a prom, fancy dinners and professional soirees and every time they put these on they will think of you.

    The tangible show of your appreciation will speak louder than words every can and give them something for the future to wear. Go online today and find bridesmaids jewelry sets to place on order in anticipation for the event and have them shipped directly to your desired location. This present is one that will keep on reminding them of you and give them a classic accessory where diamonds are always a ‘girl’s best friend.’

    May 19, 2016
  • Getting the Right Look

    Many brides are looking for that something special on their wedding day. They look for the best dress, those fabulous shoes, and the amazing floral bouquet. However, they also need to find the best ivory wedding headbands to match their dress. These headbands are not based on products that were used in the olden days but are modern and beautiful. They perform many functions in addition to acting as hair jewellery. Ivory wedding headbands elevate the bride’s look from beautiful to beyond beautiful. When the bride tries on this great headband, she will never want to take it off.


    An ivory wedding headband is a great piece of accessory for the modern bride. They are made from different materials so there is surely one to match every wedding gown or bridal sash. Consider, for instance, vintage lace with pearls and sequins. Or perhaps a split ribbon and lace headband is more to your liking.

    Among many other choices, the bride may choose a sculpted ivory and lace wedding headband that is adorned with bugle beads, crystals, and sequins. Any one of these fabulous headbands will look great on the bride no matter what style of dress she wears. They also pair well with any wedding venue. If the event is outside a bride can have confidence that her headband will stay in place throughout the event.

    When a bride chooses how she is going to wear her hair, it is a very important decision. It is just as important as what dress she will wear. Once the hairdo is settled on, the bride will need to know how she is going to dress that hair up. She has many choices from not doing anything more than using bobby pins to hold an up-do in place to a floor length veil. The other choices could be flowers in the hair that match the bouquet, gems, hair sticks, or ivory wedding headbands. A headband can do more than just look pretty. It can hold a veil in place, hold the hair in place, or it can be a crown that steals the show. However a bride chooses to wear her hair, she should consider every possibility so that she gets the exact look that she has always dreamed of having for the big day.

    May 17, 2016
  • Bridal Card Boxes

    Wedding ceremonies are constantly incredibly unique, regarding color and various events that take place. They are one of the occasions that happen eventually in everybody's life, that individuals live to remember. There are things you can do to make them more important and exceptional, and that is the thing that everybody tries to accomplish.


    They attempt to acquire new exercises, outline an alternate example of cake furthermore wear something that is distinctive. All things considered, talk is cheap but in the real world, arranging a wedding service that records colossal achievement, requires some component of innovativeness, and the wedding card boxes can be your initial phase in accomplishing that when conveying welcome. These containers are turning out to be increasingly mainstream, because of the race of out of the crate arranging. They are accessible in all tweaked shape and sizes, and can likewise be improved with a few supporting decorations to make them more adequate. The bridal card boxes can likewise be printed with various adapting subjects and creative alternatives. 

    There are different ways you can plan these cases that will supplement your occasion. If you need all that you do from arranging your wedding to the primary day to be fabulous, then you ought to redo your wedding card boxes to stick to this same pattern. These crates can be printed or planned with the fundamental wedding hues, which are white, ivory and champagne; be that as it may, you can utilize any coveted color plan. The sizes of the cases likewise fluctuate, It relies on upon the shape you need. There are printing masters who can plan your wedding card boxes to any fancied shape or style that you require.

    They can likewise give you an uncommon outline by asking for some essential data, empower them to create boxes that will coordinate your necessity. It is likewise essential to realize that the printing calling has developed; there are various outlines and printing choices you can have for any thing you need to bundle. For wedding cards, a standout amongst the most sort after methods for modifying the wedding card boxes is by having a wedding photo of the couple on it. This can be stunning, and you can likewise include the names together with the wedding date with quality ink that will give that imaginative expression on the cases. When planning your wedding cards, it is critical to recollect to have an opening on it, where you can slip in the welcome cards.

    You can likewise include beautifying extras like clasps, paper and additionally glittery bands, bows and stripes; these would all be able to be added to the bridal card boxes, to make them more alluring. There are various ways you can alter your wedding card; you can discover printing experts online to do your outlining.

    Modifying quality bundling for your card is practical. Those arranging their wedding on a low-spending plan can bear the cost of it. Get arranged to make your wedding a noteworthy one.You can likewise help somebody get ready for marriage, with some pleasant thought on what to use in bundling their welcome cards, before sending it.

    April 25, 2016

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