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Canine Cuteness

No matter what your parents or in-laws say, you want your dog to be a part of the wedding ceremony and reception. Your mother reminds you that tradition says the pets stay home during a wedding event. However, today’s modern bride and groom may already have animals together and they want them to be a part of the wedding ceremony. Whether it be dogs, cats, or even pot belly pigs, some people consider their pets to be part of the family and they want them involved in the union ceremony, the reception and even the photos. If there is a pet at your wedding then don’t leave them out in the cold; dress them up in their very own wedding attire.


There are many ways to make your pets a part of the ceremony and dressing them up is one of them. Whether they are a boy or a girl there are different pet accessories that will look adorable on your canine companion. For the male dog in the ceremony, consider a fabulous black and white tuxedo collar. A black bow tie goes around the dog’s neck and a satin shirt lapel hangs down creating a gentlemen out of your hound.

If the dog happens to be female then of course there are options for her. Think about how cute she will look in her very own wedding tutu. A skirt made of tulle with a satin bow is perfect for the canine lady. Or how about a beautiful pink and white flower collar. Whichever accessory is chosen for the canines they will look amazing on the wedding day. Handsome and beautiful just like the bride and groom.

During the wedding ceremony many people like to include their pets. A pet can also be dressed for the occasion with just the right accessories. If you are going to include your canine family members in the ceremony then they should be dressed to impress with a nice collar, skirt, or bow. Prove to your mother that your dog belongs at the wedding because they are a part of your family. Dressing them appropriately will have everyone gushing over the playful pets. Finally, the wedding photos wouldn’t be complete without the entire family.

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