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Cake Tips for Your Wedding Day

One of the great traditions of a wedding reception is for the happy couple to cut the cake together. You don't have to cut the whole thing, it's normally just the bottom layer. If you have a caterer, the staff will have the cake cutting table set up for you, and complete the cutting when you're done.

  • Choose a cake flavor for the bottom layer that you both like. You have the option to feed each other or to share the first slice on one plate. Your parents are served after you, but before the rest of your guests.
  • You might not have a chance to get another piece of cake, so make sure it's something you like. You might ask someone to save two slices for you for later if you're not leaving for your honeymoon right after the reception.
  • If you decide to feed each other, you can do this two ways. You can do it nicely, or you can be playful and smear cake and frosting on each other's faces. This is a good topic to talk over before your wedding day, because you might have two very different ideas. It could cause unhappiness or embarrassment if you're not on the same page.

Tradition allows for the top layer of the wedding cake to be saved for the bride and groom to freeze and save until their first wedding anniversary. More modern couples save it to eat after they return from their honeymoon. They'll pick up a fresh cake or dessert from a bakery to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

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