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Bridal Party Gift of the Week

GC670Between going to work, getting to the gym, and driving the kids to school, every woman needs quite a few bags to accommodate her busy life.  Fortunately, the Fitness Fun Tote provides enough room and style to keep up with her on a daily basis.  It is also a great vacation bag.

Why not personalize it with items she loves.  If she is a coffee drinker, why not put her favorite brand of coffee with a nice mug and some cookies.  Or you can put a scrape book of you and her in it.  Whatever you choose to fill it with, she will love walking around town with it.  Don't forget to have her name embroidered on it in her favorite color.  With 15 thread colors to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one for her.

Wrapping the tote bag is very simple.  You can either put a pretty bow on the handle, or you can wrap it in clear wrap.  Don't forget to add tissue paper inside the tote for a full effect.

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