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Assigned Seats

Place car holders are an important part of the wedding reception or any other large party event. Place card holders tell guests where their tables and assigned seating are. Place card holders are also a nice way to add a decoration to the guest's tables.


Place card holders come in many creative forms. For the Cinderella bride, a beautiful coach not only holds the place cards but also adds a princess touch to the table. Try a lovely silver butterfly to dress up the table whether it is for a wedding or a baby shower. Add a little of the beach by choosing a sea shell place card holder. Another wonderful choice is to add color to the guest's table. Try choosing a blue flower or a blue metal cross, perfect for any event. It is also possible to carry the white wedding theme by selecting a wedding cake shaped place card holders. If simple is what your after then there is a nice spherical shape covered in rhinestones and colored white which adds a delicate simple touch to the table.

If your large event is a wedding then place card holders are a necessary part of the wedding reception table. You can choose to have your place card holders also act as guest favors. When you select a photo frame place card holder, the guest can take the frame home to use with their own photo or a photo from the wedding. Your wedding budget will thank you when you choose a photo frame place card holder to also be a guest favor.

If the wedding reception or other big event has a lot of guests and there are many tables you will want to assign tables to the wedding party, the immediate family, distant relatives, and close friends. To avoid confusion it’s a good idea to use place card holders. Place card holders do more than just assign tables to people. They also decorate the tables adding to the theme of the wedding. Additionally, place card holders can be sent home with the guests to make a nice thank you gift. There’s no doubt that you will impress your guests with the well-dressed tables no matter what the event is.

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