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Accessories that Capture the Moment

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is how the saying goes and when you have an event such as a wedding full of wonderful moments and memories it is important to capture everyone one of them for future posterity. Picture frames are the ideal solution for decorations, thank you gifts and bridal presents due to their use and flexibility.


As a bride in the midst of planning how the wedding and reception should look, there is nothing easier than to take a photo of you and the groom, insert in a frame and you now have a lovely centerpiece for the cake table. Even better, you can shrink this picture and purchase tiny frames that can be given to the guests as favors so they can walk away with a glimpse of the happiness that you two share. Attendants work hard to make your day special and a picture frame is a great gift to present at the rehearsal dinner with some of your favorite moments together.

Guests who are struggling to decide what to get the bride and groom can easily resolve this dilemma by going online to a bridal vendor and ordering picture frames that are unique and personalized. These accessories will ensure the new couple can decorate their new home with photos from the wedding, reception, honeymoon and even following into the anniversary. They are available in a wide range of styles and designs so that shoppers can choose one or multiple ones based on preference and have them delivered to the couple or bring it themselves when they attend the wedding.

Bridal picture frames are able to meet the needs of everyone involved in this special event no matter what side of the aisle or part you play. They give a customized and personalized twist to an ordinary gift and can be engraved or just have a picture inserted that means something special to the recipient. Whether you need something for your parents, relatives, attendants, guests or even your spouse-to-be this is one idea that never misses the mark and can ‘speak’ more than your words will ever say.

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