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A Touch of Classic Elegance

A classic idea has taken on new life and creativity. Wedding brooches make a beautiful addition to any bridal ensemble. There are many applications for a classic wedding brooch. Wedding brooches come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that whatever wedding brooch you choose you will be sure to have it for generations to come.

A wedding brooch can have vintage appeal or a modern flair. It can have white or colored gemstones. Wedding brooches can be large and glittery or small and dainty. They can come in many shapes like floral, diamond, or round. Choose from silver or gold, pearls or crystals. Whether your style is old school or new school, there is a wedding brooch to match. In addition to the many patterns and styles of wedding brooches there are many ways to use your wedding brooch.


A wedding brooch can be used as part of the bride’s bouquet. A popular trend is using more than one broach intermixed with flowers to make an old meets new style of glamorous bridal bouquet. Another place to use your wedding brooch is in your hair. Special combs can be purchased that the brooch slides onto and then strategically placed in your hair. Or the bride can get very creative and use the broach as a simple addition to the dress or glam up a pair of plain white wedding shoes. Whatever the application the bride chooses for her brooch she can be confident that her wedding brooch will bring a classic elegance to her ensemble.

Brides make use of their wedding brooches in many different applications. Wedding brooches can be found in countless different styles and colors. Something that all of these choices has in common is that they are all beautiful and they all add a simple elegance to the celebration. Wedding brooches are a timeless classic piece of jewelry that can be handed down through the generations and will never be considered out of style. So whether you choose a pearl or crystal brooch for your hair or your shoes you can walk down the aisle knowing that you’re the princess of the ball even if only for one night.

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