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4 Ideas for Unforgettable Bridal Jewelry

Many brides don’t think about their bridal jewelry until long after other wedding details are tackled—but proper bridal jewelry is just as important as the wedding dress itself! Here are four bridal jewelry ideas to consider for your big day.

Drop Earrings
The best styles for bridal jewelry are those that are both elegant and feminine and drop earrings provide both. Oftentimes, brides feel constrained to choosing jewelry for their big day by the same practical considerations as they would for everyday jewelry. But remember, you won’t be going to work in these jewels; you’ll be walking down the aisle! That means that styles that might not be practical for other occasions are back on the menu. Drop earrings are also a good choice because they work well with having your hair up or pulled back, which is a popular style, and they’ll be visible to everyone even at a large ceremony.

PearlsBella Bridal
Pearls are a classic bridal jewelry choice and for a good reason. With their white sheen, they fit naturally with any wedding style you can dream up, and they have a long history as one of the most feminine gems you can choose. Pearls have an added advantage for the savvy bride however—they deliver the beauty of real jewels without the higher cost of sapphires or other precious gems. For a truly stunning look, consider multi-strand pearl bracelets and clusters of pearls on accessories.

When people think of bridal jewelry, they all too often forget about the brooch. A brooch is a versatile piece which should be the cornerstone of any bridal party. If you’re choosing not to have a full ensemble of matching bridal jewelry for all the bride’s attendants, having a simple brooch is an easy way to mark out the bridesmaids and give them something special to remember your day by. Unlike a necklace, brooches work with virtually any dress, hairstyle, and body shape. And no matter what your plans for the bridesmaids, a special brooch is an elegant choice for the mother of the bride.

No matter what your choice of gems for your bridal jewelry, cubic zirconia gives you the twinkle of diamonds without the price tags. Many fantastic bridal jewelry sets include zirconia set against pearl, sapphire, or amethyst.

What’s on your bridal jewelry wish list?

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