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2017 Wedding Inspiration

a436a3a2298496686df282a6df959924The hottest trends for Wedding themes for 2017 will knock your socks off!
Lets start with RUSTIC.
The Rustic theme has been around for a few years, but it is now hotter then ever. Brides are incorporating nature inspired decor to their venue. There are so many fun and exciting ways to add branches, lanterns and natural fabrics to your ceremony and reception. My favorite rustic idea is to have an arch made of branches and accented with beautiful flowers at your ceremony. Remember to transport it to the venue for added decor.
471P-HMVINTAGE is not so old.
Vintage is a new hot trend this season. More brides are adding antique heirlooms to make their wedding day even more memorable. What a great idea passing on a family heirloom from generation to generation. It is a great way to have a loved one that has passed, have a special part in your wedding. My favorite vintage inspiration is to add a brooch that belonged to a grandparent on your wedding dress or bouquet.
FavorAnd the award goes to 'HIGH DRAMA'
High Drama is another hot trend for the year. Brides are wanting a celebrity wedding. There are many ways to have a high drama theme wedding without the high celebrity cost. Make sure you research online before committing to a vendor. My favorite High Drama inspiration is dressing up the ceiling at your venue with tons of light.
c0f562cf9b77debe8b0afc420d93e92eROMANCE will never die.
you guessed it! Romance is a hot trend for 2017. It is my favorite one. I love the colors, styles and decor that go with the romantic theme. Romance is based on love, so why not make love your inspiration. My favorite Romantic inspiration is to uses roses in a blush color as your main flower.
I saved the most unique theme for last. It is a newer theme but more and more brides are adding a little bit of whimsy to their wedding. You see it in wedding cakes or in the venue decor. My favorite whimsical idea is hanging tea cups from the ceiling above your dessert table.

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