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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Find Bridal Beauty in Simplicity

    There are all kinds of brides with some that enjoy standing out with the glitzy and sparkly dress and accessories while others prefer a more sedate and understated kind of look where simplicity is the overall theme, yet the results are stunning and elegant. No matter what kind of bride you are, there is something to be found from the online bridal boutiques that offer jewelry, accessories and gifts of all shapes, sizes and designs.

    bridal-combsIf you are someone who enjoys being beautiful in a big and bold way, then the diamond and pearl studded tiaras or headbands are the perfect addition to your dress. These can be adjusted to work with your hairstyle to ensure that it sits securely throughout the day’s events. You will feel just like a princess with a crown that everyone will see and admire on the way that it complements the dress and jewelry.

    For those who prefer a more subtle look, then the wedding tiara comb contains all the beauty of the diamond stones in a smaller and more compact design. This item can be gently tucked in the hair while it is styled in a variety of ways or use multiple combs to create a unique look that works ideally with your entire ensemble. These can be purchased in yellow gold or a sterling silver color which allows you to match the color scheme of your wedding.

    If you are looking for a functional and decorative bridesmaid’s gift, then purchase these as part of their outfit as well as their thank you gift that can be worn to future functions. There are several different designs to choose from to ensure that every bride finds something that she enjoys and that suits her taste. You will want to buy these ahead of the big day in order to bring with you to the hairdresser when trying out different styles. This will also get one item off your list but remember that the online bridal boutiques have a wide range of inventory to choose from, so get everything you need from a single resource. The wedding day is your day to shine so make the most of it and look as beautiful as you feel. Wear the best wedding tiara comb to look great on your special day.

    March 25, 2016
  • Keeping the Sign

    When a bride and groom get married, they plan their wedding to be a special day that is unique to them. There should be splashes of each of their personalities all over the ceremony and reception. This could be a reflection in the color scheme, the table decorations, even the clothing that the couple wears. Another way to add personality to the wedding reception or ceremony is to display a wedding signing frame.


    A wedding signing frame is a 17.75" x 22" chalkboard that actually frames a photo of the bride and groom. Choose an engagement photo or a picture of the happy couple having fun. Placing this framed picture allows guests to leave messages to the happy couple. The signing frame can be placed anywhere the bride and groom see fit. Consider placing two, one at the entrance to the wedding ceremony and one at the entrance to the reception venue. Another great idea is to put the frame next to the bridal table so that guests can greet the couple and then leave a loving message.

    Wherever the frame is placed, it is sure to delight the guests.

    A wedding signing frame is a great wedding keepsake for the bride and groom. When the couple places a signing frame for guests to see, not only will they have a great decoration but they will also have a special one-of-a kind item to take home. The signing frame can be hung on the wall of the couple’s home where they will always be able to remember their special day.

    The frame is a unique idea that not many couples will have. The bride and groom who choose the frame will have guests asking where it was purchased and how they can get one. The frame is a great centerpiece that can be placed near the gift table at the reception. There are many ways to get creative with this delightful wedding accessory.

    The bride and groom can use their imagination and put the wedding signing frame wherever they see fit. Then, when it’s all over, they can take the frame home as remembrance of who was there to celebrate with them on their special wedding day.

    March 18, 2016
  • Adding Elegant Accessories

    It is certainly no secret that little girls like to play dress up from the day that they first learn to dress themselves. They get into their mother’s closet, slip on her shoes, and wear her hats. Some things never change.


    Many women like to get dressed up in fancy gowns and wear crowns on their heads. They want to feel like the belle of the ball or Cinderella. Getting dressed up in a great gown is a good excuse to buy ivory opera gloves. These gloves add the elegant lady-like touch that so many women want. At least once in their life, women want an excuse to dress up this fancy.

    On her wedding day, a bride may choose to wear ivory opera gloves. These fancy gloves look amazing when paired with a white wedding gown. Along with the bridal jewelry, bedazzled hair comb, and sash, gloves elevate the entire ensemble. The bride may also want her maids or at least the maid of honor to wear gloves to make them stand out.

    Another excuse to wear fancy gloves is during a pageant. Ladies who participate in the evening gown portion of a pageant contest, oftentimes purchase ivory opera gloves. A teenager going to prom in her dream gown could also get a pair of gloves to get the elegant look and make her stand out from all of the other teens. These are a few great reasons for a girl to wear opera gloves.

    Soft and silky opera length gloves are made of satin material. They are available in diamond white, jet black, light ivory, and white. Any one of them is a great purchase for the bride, the bridesmaids, a pageant contestant, or prom queen. If you fit into any one of these categories or maybe you are getting dressed for New Year’s Eve, you will want to purchase your ivory opera gloves right away. They are an affordable way to add an elegant accessory to that fancy dress. No lady should miss out on an opportunity to glam up her look. Whether she is headed to the big dance or walking down the aisle, these gloves are a needed piece to complete the wardrobe.

    March 17, 2016

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