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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Ring Bearer Ceremony Accessories

    Every ceremony is organized and conducted in a unique and personal way based on the tradition and culture of the bride and groom. Typically, there are attendants, a walk down the aisle, music and speaking, exchange of the rings and then the traditional announcement and kiss. How this looks and the accessories used are determined by favorite colors, theme, individuals involved and preference but everything can be purchased ahead of time to alleviate any stress or final tasks.

    The ring bearer and flower girl are popular attendees and range from young boys and girls that are family members to the family pet wearing the ring pillow and carrying the basket. There is no wrong way to get this done but if you want to keep it beautiful and in accordance with your wishes then take the time to shop online through a reputable wedding vendor to identify your favorites, order them and then have them shipped to your location.


    Ring pillows are designed to be decorative and sentimental keepsakes that can be used for display after the event is over and the couple is settle in their new home. You may even decide to gift it to the ring bearer as a memento and thank you for a job well done. These can be purchased in a variety of different colors, designs and patterns ranging in black and white floral to wedding messages or studded with jeweled accents to stand out. They are affordable and can be passed down to other brides who want something ‘old’ or ‘borrowed’ to include in their ceremony. It is also the perfect place to keep the rings safe until the time comes to present them during the ceremony and wear them forever.

    Don’t just settle for any pillow that you find in the store but rather work with an online wedding vendor who can help coordinate all your accessories in a unified and continuous theme from the ring pillows to the flower basket and even the other items used in the ceremony or reception. The wedding is your day to shine so make each detail perfect and just the way you want it.

    January 1, 2016
  • Cold Weather Bridal Accessories

    When you get married in the winter in cold weather country then not only is the bride wearing white but so is the whole countryside! There is something magical and enchanting about having a winter wedding with snow, icicles and cool weather celebrating along with you and the groom. Of course, this means that the bridal ensemble needs to work for both the inside and outside environments which is why you should shop online for everything you need in preparation.


    The majority of brides choose their dress based on the ‘weather’ during the ceremony regardless of whether they choose to get married inside or outside. During the winter months it is typically too cold for an outdoor wedding but it is still important to consider the travel to and from the church and reception. This is why buying a faux fur wrap or cape is an ideal solution to keep the bride nice and warm without having to change the dress to long sleeve.

    A wrap or cape is the perfect accessory to complete the ensemble for a gorgeous winter bride who still wants her off-the-shoulder or sleeveless gown but needs something warm for the ride between events. When purchased from the right vendor these can be stylish, comfortable and elegant so that you continue to carry the theme of the ceremony and add a touch of character and uniqueness at the same time. They will look beautiful in pictures and with the addition of long white gloves the bride will appear as a royal princess no matter where her photo is taken.

    If you are interested in a summer wedding then check out the chiffon wraps that are lightweight and provide a classic image to your ensemble especially when paired with the right gloves and veil or hair accessory. These articles of clothing can also be reused for the reception, honeymoon or other formal events that you attend in the future with a wide range of dresses. You will be the most gorgeous winter bride at your winter wedding with the right ensemble of dress, shoes, veil, wrap and jewelry.

    January 1, 2016

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