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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Highlighting the Wedding Theme

    Wedding ceremony accessories incorporates a host of items. Accessories can be the ring bearer’s pillow, the candles on the altar, flower petals on the red carpet, or lots of other amazing items. One thing that wedding ceremony accessories have in common is that they all should match the theme of the wedding and they should be affordable.


    Ceremony accessories can match each other, the wedding theme, or the wedding color palette, or both. A bride may choose for the ring bearer to carry a fancy pillow that matches the flower girl’s pretty basket and with amazing accessories that is possible. The bride may also want every accessory to be a brilliant white or glossy satin. In this case she’ll have many choices in candles, baskets, flowers, and table decorations. Accessories could also mean the wedding guest book with matching pen. The bride and groom will need candle holders for the unity candle ceremony or clear matching vases for the sand ceremony. The bride and groom may invite their pets in which case the dogs will need accessories as well. Little doggy skirts and ties are available for K9 guests.

    During the wedding ceremony it is the accessories that help highlight the theme and colors of the wedding and the reception. Accessories reflect the bride and groom’s personality and should be used in special ways all over both the ceremony and reception venues. Accessories can also be used on the bride’s dress. For instance, a vintage brooch may be used to accessorize the bridal sash, headband, or scarf. Bouquet jewelry is also used to accessorize the wedding bouquet in the form of a pearl, rhinestone flower, or butterfly picks. The groom may also choose to accessorize his tuxedo with a customized pocket watch.

    Wedding ceremony accessories give new meaning to wedding decorations. With so many amazing wedding accessory choices the bride will be looking for an excuse to buy more. With affordable prices and matching sets, the bride and groom will not have to sacrifice the look and theme of their wedding for the sake of the budget. They will be able to select the perfect wedding ceremony accessories and still stay within their spending limits.

    December 31, 2015
  • Remembering the Day

    Wedding keepsakes are a necessary part of the entire wedding event. Not a single wedding party participant will want to go home without some form of memento of the occasion. There are so many wedding keepsakes to choose from that the bride and groom will have trouble selecting just one.

    The bride and groom will want several wedding keepsakes to take home and treasure for the rest of their lives. For them, they may choose the candle holders that held the unity candle. Or, if they did a sand ceremony instead, they will want to keep the vase full of sand as a wedding keepsake. In addition to candle holders and vases, the bride and groom will want their cake topper as a wedding keepsake. This is the lovely resin piece placed at the top of the elegant wedding cake. Of course, they will want a special photo frame with the best picture of the day. For the bride and groom there will be many wedding keepsakes and for the rest of the bridal party they can expect lovely keepsakes as well.


    To make your wedding day memorable consider giving the gift of customized wine glasses, beer mugs, or pub glasses.

    The bridesmaids and groomsman alike will enjoy taking home a set of these drinking vessels with their initial on them. They will always remember the day that they received these lovely wedding keepsakes. The guests at your wedding may also be looking for wedding keepsakes. For them the bride and groom may choose lovely tea light candle holders placed at every reception table.

    Additionally, picture frames, jar glasses, or bottle openers make great wedding keepsakes.

    The people in your wedding party have played a very important part in your big day. Some of them have been helping you for months. It is only fitting that you reward them with a loved wedding keepsake gift. There are dozens of fine customizable options. The guests at your wedding will also appreciate the thought you had for the when you place favors at the reception tables. Wedding keepsakes are first and most importantly for the bride and groom but don’t discount the importance of keepsakes for those loved ones who had a hand in making the day fabulous.

    December 31, 2015
  • Gifts of Thanks

    Wedding jewelry and gifts encompass a large array of items. You may need these for yourself to wear during the wedding. You may be looking for jewelry as bridesmaid’s gifts. You may also be looking for guest favors, groomsmen gifts, or a little something for the mother of the bride. You can find wedding jewelry and gifts for all of these reasons and more.

    Wedding jewelry comes in amazing pieces perfect for the bride, the bridesmaids, the flower girl, and the mother of the bride. For the bride who wants her maids to match there are plenty of dazzling sets of necklaces with matching earrings. She can choose traditional pearls, glistening rhinestones, or stunning cubic zirconia. Other wedding jewelry could add a matching bracelet to make a complete set. For the flower girl the bride may choose clip on earrings. Whatever the bride’s tastes and style she will find her wedding jewelry set to be fabulous.


    Wedding gifts are just as important as wedding jewelry. The gifts are those special things that tell the wedding participants that their time and help was appreciated. They are thoughtful items that have been customized and personalized for each individual person. Gifts can be anything from whiskey flasks or pocket watches for the groomsman. They can be personalized bags or wine glasses for the bridesmaids. Gifts can also be for the guests. If the bride and groom chooses to do so, they may leave guest favors on the reception tables for the guests to take home. These gifts include candle holders, picture frames, or pub glasses.

    When a bride and groom choose to give gifts to members of bridal party, their parents, or their guests, they are doing more than just handing out presents. They are thanking their friends and family for being a part of their special day. In the case of the wedding party, it is a thank you for all of the help and support that was given.

    Wedding gifts come in all sorts of packaging but each one is special to the person receiving the gift. They will always remember your special day when they wear their wedding jewelry, use their whiskey flask, or light those special candles.

    December 30, 2015
  • An Important Accessory

    Candle holders are needed for both the wedding ceremony and reception. They perform many functions from looking pretty to being a part of the unity candle lighting ceremony. A bride and groom will want the candle holders to match the candles, complement the wedding theme, and look beautiful.

    Because there are a variety of candle sizes, like pillar, tapered, or tea light, there are also a variety of candle holders. There are many candle holders to choose from so the bride will not have any problems finding the perfect style to match her wedding. She will want to think about the amount of glitter and shine the holders should have. She should also determine if they should have color, shine, or be traditional white. It’s totally up to the bride and what look she is going for during the ceremony and the reception.


    Candle holders can be an amazing polished shiny silver that holds either one large pillar candle or one large and two slender tapered candles. They can also be made of white resin and accented with silver designs and acrylic crystals. Any if these magnificent candle holders work perfectly for the candle lighting ceremony. They will also make amazing accessories to the wedding ceremony. For the wedding reception tables perhaps something smaller is appropriate. Placing tea light candles on every table is a popular table decoration at most weddings. Simple, clear glass tea light candle holders make an excellent choice because they highlight already beautifully decorated tables. Or, if color is what the bride wants she may like a fabulous green teal light candle holder. Any one of these amazing candle holders is an excellent option.

    There’s no doubt that candles play an important part in the entire wedding from beginning to end. They are an inexpensive way to add sparkle and beauty to both the ceremony and reception. The candle holder adds to the décor of the entire event and can be used as a table center piece or act as accents to already decorated tables. However the bride chooses to use candles at her wedding and reception she can be sure that they will bring the added touch that she is looking for.

    December 30, 2015
  • Flower Girl Basket

    Wedding flower baskets are a necessity for the wedding event. They come in many wonderful styles and colors. Flower baskets are carried by the flower girl as she walks down the aisle scattering flower petals as she goes.

    The bride has many fabulous flower basket choices. She can choose a traditional solid vintage lace. Cream colored and modest but still a beautiful choice. If the traditional white and black is the style then there are plenty of amazing black and white baskets with lace, rhinestones, and ribbons. For the bride who is looking for a bit of color there are some with bright colors like red, green, or purple. A bride can never go wrong when she chooses solid satin white or solid satin black if that is the look she’s going for. If the bride likes to think outside of the box, or in this case, the basket, she can choose a magnificent moss covered basket or a lovely brown satin. In addition, the outdoor bride may want a wedding flower basket covered in peacock feathers or camouflage.


    With so many wonderful basket choices the bride from any style will find exactly what she wants. She can choose modern, contemporary, or vintage and traditional. The bride may want to leave the decision up to the flower girl or she may want the basket full of petals to match the flower girl’s dress. In any case, the wedding flower basket is an important accessory in the wedding ceremony.

    When the bride chooses the basket that the flower girl will carry she may want the basket to match the pillow that the ring bearer carries. That is very possible. The bride and the flower girl will be happy with whichever choice is made. Each basket is functional, durable and beautiful. Each one is made perfect; either round, oval, or square. Some are adorned with jewels, gems, and pearls. Others have delicate ribbon and rhinestones. Every basket has a unique look about it and the flower girl that carries it will be delighted with the basket full of flower petals. Guests will be in awe as they see the little girl walking down the aisle tossing petals from her own unique basket.

    December 29, 2015
  • Picking the Perfect Set

    Candles are an important part of decorating a wedding ceremony and reception. They also do more than just look pretty where they are sitting. Candle sets are used during the wedding ceremony. There is a special lighting ritual within the ceremony that symbolizes the uniting of two people. First the smaller candles are lit and held by the bride and the groom. Next, together, the bride and groom light the larger center candle. The larger lit candle is the symbol of the two individual people becoming one or the two lives joining as one. For this ceremony, the bride and the groom will want a special set of candles that look elegant.


    There are many beautiful candle sets that work for this ceremony or simply look pretty if the bride and groom chooses not to perform this act. For example, the bride and groom may choose a traditional white candle with a pearl bow that states “and the two shall become one.” However, if they choose a more contemporary style, the couple might go with a peacock candle. The white candle is adorned with a magnificent peacock feather and green rhinestone accent. The entire candle set is sitting on a glossy silver candle holder.

    Another delightful option for wedding candle sets is a white candle that sparkles with silver rhinestones and a black bow. Each individual candle has a set of silver rhinestones that are sure to glisten under the candle light. For the bride who is adding a little color to her ceremony, she may choose a white candle adorned with a green ribbon, white flower, and green feather accents.

    Not matter what wedding candle set the bride and groom chooses, they can be assured that the candles are beautiful. They will look amazing poised at the altar awaiting the candle lighting ceremony. When the bride and groom light them the guests will be in awe over the symbolism of the event. They will be happy that they went with the candle set that best matched their theme, taste, and style. The candle set will be one that they can take home and enjoy on their anniversary for the rest of their lives.

    December 29, 2015

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