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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • A Special Touch

    A wedding is a beautiful season in life. It’s a time to celebrate love and the joining of two lives. While the two becoming one is the main event, the list of things to do that lead up to the “I Do’s” can be enormous. From the most important wedding gown to the last bite of food at the reception every detail is important. While designing the wedding reception don’t leave the details out. Consider a fun way to identify the chairs belonging to the bride and groom by adding personalized chair sashes.


    Personalized chair sashes come in different styles and colors. Think about stretch to cover black and white chair sashes with the personalized words “bride and groom” silk-screened on the front. Or, consider white sashes with “Mr. and Mrs.” imprinted in black on them. Another option is a delicate design with scroll artwork. The signs are held onto the chairs with ribbons of your choosing. Each chair sash brings its own unique communication design and special touch to the wedding party table.

    Each set of bride and groom chair sashes is an affordable way of adding elegance to the wedding reception. As guests walk around they will smile at the special chairs set aside just for the bride and groom. A special place for the new couple to sit and toast their newly formed union. Any one of the chair sashes is sure to match the wedding reception theme. When the event is over the chair sashes can be taken home and held onto as a memory of the big day. Chair sashes are an affordable design technique for any wedding budget.

    Chair sashes may seem like something that the reception can do without but at the affordable price there’s no reason to leave them out. The wedding reception decorations are all about the detail. Chair sashes personalized with the words bride and groom, add that special detail that takes reception décor from boring to beautiful. These signs are a touch of elegance that remind guests of how special the event is and how distinct the bride and groom are. No wedding reception should be without the added touch of beautiful bride and groom chair sashes.

    November 28, 2015
  • From the Top Down

    Before a woman ever gets the engagement ring she dreams about the big wedding dress. The bride in her wedding gown is the center piece of the wedding ceremony and the reception. An important accessory to the wedding gown is the bridal veil. There are many wonderful bridal veils to choose from.


    With so many different veils to choose from there is sure to be one for every bride and her unique style. The selection of veils includes different lengths. There are veils that cover just the face like a bird cage style. In addition to just covering the bride’s face, veils can flow down to the elbows, waist, and even cascade onto the floor. The length the bride chooses will be unique and personal to her based on the style of her wedding gown.

    Not only are there many lengths to choose from but there are also many different designs. Veils can be white or ivory. They can be adorned with pearls, rhinestones, sequins or beads. Many glamorous veils contain floral appliques. In addition to the veil having beautiful features, the headband that holds the veil on is also an important part of the entire look.

    Whether the veil is held on by a headband or a comb it will be glamorous. Bedazzled combs and headbands attach to the veil and then are placed in the bride’s hair. The comb or headband will have pearls, rhinestones, beads, or flowers magically arranged to create beauty and style that any bride will love. The choice of bridal veil will be in conjunction with a comb or a headband.

    When the bride buys her wedding gown it’s one of the most important purchases of the entire wedding event. Along with the gown, the bride will need to find a matching veil. There are many wonderful veils to choose from. Veils can be super long or super short. They can have floral appliques, beads, gems, or rhinestones. Select from a plain veil with a dazzling bridal headband or comb to hold the veil on. Choose the veil that best matched the wedding gown whether it be ivory or white. Whatever the bride decides to wear on her wedding day you can bet that her entire look will be stunning.

    November 28, 2015
  • Frame It

    Most couples set a strict wedding budget. One of items that should be considered in the budget planning is guest favors. Whether they be for just the bridal party or for VIP guests; picture frames make great wedding favors. Weddings aren’t complete without guest favors. The reason that picture frames make great guest favors is because they are versatile and affordable.

    There are many things that can be done with picture frames to decorate the wedding ceremony and the reception tables. Your wedding budget will thank you when you use picture frames to decorate the tables and then send them home with guests as favors. Picture frames on the table can hold pictures of the bride and groom and then be taken home and replaced with the guest’s choice photo. Guests will be thanking you for months after the special occasion.


    Consider purchasing different styles and sizes of picture frames for an interesting look. An amazing frame perfect for the wedding reception table is silver with hearts, or a silver ornate frame fit for a princess. If you’re looking for the perfect favor for the flower girl then purchase a fabulous pink flower girl frame. She will grow up always remembering that she was a part of that amazing day. There are many frame choices that will look amazing on the reception tables.

    Another style of picture frame perfect for pulling double duty is a custom picture with the bride and groom’s name.

    Add Amazing style to the wall behind the bridal party table with a fantastic canvas print. Think about how nice a custom print with a picture of the sea will look. Announce the names of the bride and groom while subtly telling everyone where the honeymoon destination is. The best part about custom pictures is that they are affordable decorations that the bride and groom will take to hang in their home.

    Whether the reception is decorated with picture frames or custom pictures on the wall the wedding budget will thank you for finding ways to stretch the dollar. When picture frames act as decorations as well as guest favors they save the bride and groom money. In addition to saving money they look beautiful and expensive. The choice to purchase picture frames is a wise decision.

    November 28, 2015
  • Personalized and Customized Groomsmen Gifts

    From the time an engagement is announced until the plane flies off to the honeymoon, life is all about the bride. The bride must get her gown, schedule her salon appointment, pick her bridesmaids and all of their dresses, choose a theme, and the list goes on. Throughout the wedding planning process, it’s important to not forget about the groom, his needs and the groomsmen.

    The groomsmen and the best man are as important to the groom as the bridesmaids and her maid of honor, are to the bride. Therefore, groomsmen deserve an amazing gift as a thank you for all of the support they have been to the groom.


    There is a variety of groomsmen gifts to choose from. Favorite groomsmen gifts include the ones that can be personalized and customized. Personalized flasks make great gifts for men. Choose from solid stainless steel, executive leather, or colored metal. Each flask can be personalized with the groomsmen’s name or initials and the date. Select between a gunmetal beer mug, gunmetal beer glass, or gunmetal shot glass. Personalized insulated travel mugs make a fine choice.

    Another great groomsmen gift is a combination present like stainless steel flask and cigar holder with a matching lighter. Personalize each of these with initials. This amazing gift combination will tell the groomsman or the best man that they are appreciated. Among many other amazing personalized groomsmen gifts , purchase a customized pocket watch, money clip, cufflinks, or a pocket multi tool. The best gifts are the ones that can be personalized and customized with the receiver’s name or initials because it lets them know that they were thought about specifically and appreciated for their help. Furthermore, they are gifts that will be used beyond the wedding day.

    With all of the wedding preparations, checklists, and food preparations, don’t forget to put groomsmen gifts on your to-do list. There are many amazing choices that each man will be happy to own. Decide on gifts that will get used throughout the year and that will bring back the memory of the big day. The groom can choose customizable gifts for his groomsman. Each gift would also be nice to give to the groom’s father, father-in-law, or any other special guest who is important to the groom.

    November 27, 2015
  • Pointing the Way

    Wedding signs are both fun and functional. They serve a purpose, look nice, and can get a chuckle out of a guest. They can be made from wood, chalkboard materials, or paper. During the wedding and the reception, consider using wedding signs.

    Direct the flow of traffic with a sign pointing guests in the right direction. A wedding sign with an arrow is an elegant way of getting guests to the ceremony or the reception. While you’re pointing them in the right direction, have them sign a sturdy photo mat. This is one sign you’ll want to hang up in the future. After the wedding, put a bride and groom photo in the center of your signed photo mat. Don’t forget that a “Just Married” sign is what you need for the reception. Hang the burlap sign for all to see the big announcement.


    There’s no doubt that wedding signs are an important part of both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Signs can be a fun way to direct guests or to make announcements. If your ceremony is out in the country, put one on the corner so that the wedding sign can tell guests where to turn. A beautiful and fun sign is made using chalkboard paint. Tell the world about the bride and groom’s love with fun wedding signs. The names of the bride and groom can be displayed.

    In addition to large and directional, wedding signs can be small and informational. Signs can be used as labels on tables for assigned seating. They can be wrapped around cupcakes or stuck to toothpicks. These signs make great additions to the atmosphere and decor of the wedding.

    Whether you need a sign to point the way or are looking for a fun decoration, consider wedding signs. They can be large or small and made from various materials. Wedding signs can look vintage or modern. However they are displayed, they add to the decor of the wedding theme and reception. They can be placed around town to tell guests where to turn or hung overhead to remind people of the grand event they are about to witness. Howsoever wedding signs are used, be sure that they add to the atmosphere and create a nice flow throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception.

    November 27, 2015
  • Affordable and Beautiful Bridal Bracelets

    Bridal bracelets are not just for the bride anymore. They come in so many beautiful sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether it be the bride on her wedding day or a teenager on her prom night, bridal bracelets make the perfect accessory.

    Bridal bracelets come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose from simple to elaborate. Simple bracelets include gold or silver sunburst cuffs. Different shapes and colors of gems come in purple or green rectangles, green, white, or pink flowers. Beautiful iridescent rhinestones are wonderful options for the bride on her wedding day. Also, the delicate and simple cubic zirconia shines for any occasion. If traditional is what is sought, then pearls are never a bad choice. Pearl bracelets are an amazing choice and they come in an assortment of different styles and patterns.


    A single strand of pearls makes a simple but elegant statement. A cluster of pearls or a twist of pearls are never a bad choice. Pearls and weddings fit together perfectly.

    There’s no denying that bridal bracelets make great wedding accessories. They can also be used for many special occasions from proms to fancy dinners out. Bracelets come in so many sizes, shapes and colors that you’ll want to purchase more than one. With affordable prices, purchasing more than one bridal bracelet will be within the wedding budget. If you need to purchase more than one bridal bracelet, you’ll know that they are affordable. All of the bridesmaids should match, therefore you’ll need to buy more than one. Whether they be a simple strand of pearls or a colorful shade of purple gemstones, bridal bracelets will look fantastic on the bride and her bridesmaids.

    For the bride who is on a budget, a bridal bracelet is affordable and useful for other occasions. A simple strand of pearls or a thin cluster of rhinestones and cubic zirconia make a great accessory to a little black dress. Wear them to a holiday party with a glamorous dress. Use your imagination to make the best use of the money you spent on bridal bracelets.

    Bridal bracelets are a necessity for the bride on her wedding day. They can be purchased in many different styles and worn for special occasions in the future. A bride can’t go wrong no matter which bracelet she chooses to wear.

    November 27, 2015

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