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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Fall 2015 Color Trends

    Fall 2015 color trends are here!! What is your favorite color for fall?
    At Bella Bridal & Heirlooms we love the color combo of Navy and Blush. Those colors work so well together and are perfect for a September or early October wedding. There are many ways you can use these color combos. 1136x1136The groom could wear navy with a blush ties and the bride could wear blush shoes or a blush belt or cape to compliment the groom's ties.
    17ce34432edaf42ca5b93e34554deab2BridesmaidsIf the bride prefers navy she can wear a navy coverup with navy shoes. The girls in the bridal party can wear either navy with blush accents or blush with navy accents. If the groom is wearing a navy suit and does not want to match the groomsmen then I suggest the groomsmen wear a grey or sage color suit. I think navy, blush, grey or sage work well together.
    5bb45896ffd9f214c828ec4c6c036599The flowers could be all shades of blush with a navy ribbon, or blush colored flowers with pops of navy.
    wedding-flower-ideas-15-10262014nz-720x1080The decor can also be navy and blush you can even add pops of grey or sage to that color combo.
    Don't be afraid to have some shine. Table runners can be sequined for a luxurious look. Or add silver stones to a glass vase. Glitter is always fun. Maybe add glitter around the table numbers.
    CatherineMac_ArtValery_0040-293x496There are so many fun things you can do with this color combo. These colors are a fresh new look for fall. Typically brides choose oranges and burgundy, but those colors are just that!! Typical!!! Be different and think out of the box!
    Check out our fun favor boxes. We have a perfect sparkly one that can be filled with sweets and left at the table for your guests to enjoy!! Also check out our Pinterest board for other great color trends for Fall 2015. Share your favorite colors with us. Comment below or on our Facebookpage!

    June 23, 2015
  • Ways to save money without compromising on style.

    a436a3a2298496686df282a6df959924There are many ways a bride could save money on her wedding without compromising on style. One big way is to wear costume jewelry instead of real diamonds and pearls. 01e051db7877611f585e8de3ca12859d The costume jewelry of today is made to look real. There are so many styles out there perfect for your wedding day and no one will guess that it is not real. It doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on real jewelry when costume jewelry looks just as real. And with costume jewelry you won’t be so stressed about walking around with hundreds of dollars’ worth of jewelry on.grace2 The internet can also help you save money. There are so many great internet businesses out there with wonderful deals on wedding accessories. 69a99a90059261ce86c3c1d7f32b53e8 When you are at the bridal boutique buying your wedding dress, it is the perfect opportunity for the sales person to add to her commission by convincing you to buy the most expensive headpiece. Try on different styles you may like, then go home and search the internet for the best price. You would be surprised to know you can find the same product you saw at the store for way less on the internet. religiousfavor (450x800) Another way to save money on your wedding is wrapping your own party favors. Couples love giving wedding favors as a thank you for attending their wedding. Many businesses charge so much money to wrap wedding favors, there is no need to spend that extra money. Pick a day that your bridesmaids can help and have a wrapping party. They would love having a sneak peak at the favor and helping you with this project. It will be a fun night for all and a night you will never forget!! Check out our Pinterest boards for wedding inspiration.

    June 8, 2015

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