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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Bridal Jewelry

    2011EA common mistake by brides is waiting til the week before the wedding to purchase their bridal jewelry. Finding the right wedding jewelry is as important as finding the right dress and headpiece. Layout3.indd
    Your jewelry should compliment your dress. It should be purchased after you purchase your dress and headpiece. Your jewelry is part of your whole ensemble! Many brides don't do this, but it is very important to bring your wedding jewelry with you to your fitting. Your fitting is the first time you see your dress after you purchase it. Bringing your jewelry with you allows you to see if your necklace does not interfere with your neckline, and your bracelet is still visible with your (long) sleeve. You should also bring your headpiece and veil to the fitting so that you can see your whole, and envision your special day. 4171S-S
    Most women's engagement rings are made of real gold and diamonds. That doesn't mean that your wedding jewelry need to be real too. Costume jewelry today is made to look real, without the big price tag. You can shine like a princess without going over your budget. No one would be the wiser if you wore costume jewelry at your wedding. Why walk around with hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry when you can wear costume jewelry and have the same for less. 3826N
    If you are changing dresses through out the day, make sure the jewelry you choose will work with the different looks.
    And lets not forget about your bridesmaids!! They too need to shine on your wedding day. Make sure you accessorize them with the perfect jewelry that will compliment their dresses. Something comfortable for them to wear all day yet stunning to wow your guests.293S

    May 13, 2015

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