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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Choosing the right hairstyle and headpiece for your wedding.

    3E3F2882I think a bride should consider comfort when she is choosing a hairstyle. Just like your shoes and dress, you are going to be in that hairstyle all day so make sure it is comfortable. Remember you don’t have your beautician following you all day so make sure it’s a hairstyle that is going to last.
    Choosing a hairstyle to compliment your dress is not as difficult as it seems. Typically they say you should wear your hair in an up do when you are wearing a strapless dress. I disagree. I have seen many brides with their hair down in a strapless dress and they looked absolutely gorgeous. 0c9a065b4dade64130b26b31745eae87 I don’t think there should be rules on hairstyles. I think you should pick a hairstyle that is similar to your everyday look, just “fancy it up”. For example, if a bride normally wears her hair in a ponytail away from her face, then she should wear an up do on her wedding day. wedding-hairstyles-14-01162014 A Hair Barrette or Tiara are perfect headpieces for an up do. If she normally wears her hair down then she should keep it down but maybe add some loose curls for a glamorous look. A Headband is the perfect headpiece if you are keeping your hair down.712aea86e7af1945e03e241db886ec6f
    I have noticed that today’s brides don’t wear a veil for too long, if at all. So I don’t think the veil you choose should dictate you hairstyle, unless you plan on wearing your veil all day. If that is the case then you should wear your hair in a way that won’t make the veil feel uncomfortable on your head. If you plan on wearing your veil only for the ceremony the popular Birdcage might be a perfect veil for you.4084V_M
    Remember to go to your normal hairdresser. She knows you and will keep your look as close to you as possible. You don’t want to look like a different person on your wedding day.

    April 28, 2015
  • Wrapping Your Religous Party Favors

    4328It is Communion season and what better way to say Thank You to your party guest by handing out a religious favor at the end of the celebration. First Holy Communion is an important sacrament in the Catholic Religion. Most Catholics have a party when their children receive this sacrament. A perfect Communion favor is one that has a religious meaning. Check out our religious favors for your Wedding, Communion, or Baptism. Once you decide on a favor there are many ways to wrap it yourself. I will show you an elegant way to wrap a party favor that will WOW your guests.
    You can use a beautiful inexpensive wrapping paper or a piece of fabric to wrap the box. Here is an example of wrapping your party favor with tulle. The supplies you will need are as follows: tulle ribbon, card stock a scissor (preferably a decorative one), a small flower (made of ribbon or paper) a hole puncher and computer and printer. First you need to measure your box to see if you need to buy a 6 inch roll or tulle by the yard. Once you have your tulle, cut one out to size and use that piece as your pattern. Once your tulle is all cut you can move onto the ribbon. Again, I suggest you cute one to the perfect size and then use that as a pattern and cut the rest of the ribbon. religiousfavor2 (800x450)The next step are the name tags. Normally people order ribbon with the child's name and the date of the affair printed on it. I have a simple and inexpensive way to make tags. All you need is a computer, printer, nice paper and a scissor. I use the label making setting on my word program on my computer. I select the program that prints 30 labels per page, that is the perfect size for your labels. I choose a font, color and size (usually 14 or 16) I like. The first line has the child's name, the second line have the affair type (Communion, Baby Shower, Wedding etc.) The third line has the date of the affair. Once they are all typed out make sure each label is centered before you print it out. I usually print it on card stock paper because it is thicker than regular paper. You can use decorative scissors to cut the labels, or plain scissors will do if you don't have fancy ones. Use a hole puncher to punch out a hole at the edge of the label. religiousfavor1 (800x450)This will allow you to attach the label with the flower onto the favor.
    All the prep work is done and it is now time to wrap your favors. Place the box onto the center of the tulle. Tie the tulle at the top of the box with a pretty bow, take your flower and place your tag through it and then wrap it by the ribbon with bow. You are now done and you have the prettiest looking party favors!! Have fun wrapping!!!religiousfavor (450x800)

    April 20, 2015
  • Wear your Headpiece Again and Again!

    A headpiece can be a big investment, so why not wear it again after your wedding day. There are many headpiece styles that you can wear every day or for a special occasion.388fe41ecc0038bf96db1e14dba91962
    Headbands are the most popular. Lace applique ribbons are very popular right now but why just wear it on your wedding day, why not wear it again when you go out to dinner with your new hubby or partner. These headpieces don't limit themselves to just your head. You can maybe wear it as a belt or maybe tied around your neck as a fashionable necklace. Wherever you choose you will look stunning. Wear it with a fancy dress or use it to dress up your favorite pair of jeans.1698424e0b4986011b32cdf4a67b0ad4
    Metal headbands are perfect to wear again. Wear it to work with a great pant suit or on casual Friday and give your everyday look some pizzazz! Who says bridal accessories are only to be worn on your wedding day.4221HB
    Hair clips and hair combs are another popular headpiece type. They can easily be worn again. whether you hair is up or down a hair comb or clip can make your hair style more exciting.
    Wearing your headpiece after your wedding day will bring the excitement of that day back to life. It will be fun wearing your headpiece in different hair dos.
    If you are having trouble adding your headpiece to your everyday look, just ask your beautician for help. She can give you pointers on how to wear your headpiece in a way that you don't stand out when you are at work or out to dinner.b9248375e7883de6304d4475ab9d23c6
    Checkout our Pinterest board on headpieces for inspiration! Enjoy reliving that wonderful day over and over again.

    April 8, 2015

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