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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Choosing the Right Bridal Accessories

    Your dress is the focal point of your bridal outfit, but it's the accessories that pull it all together. Bella Bridal and Heirlooms offers a wide range of bridal accessories, from wedding gloves to sashes to headpieces. Choose accents that fit in with the style and color of your dress.

    Bridal Sashes

    Almost like a belt, bridal sashes come in many styles that can include crystals and satin flowers to enhance the elegance of your wedding dress.  Many brides choose sashes to flatter their waists and give their dress a more vintage silhouette, or to add a touch of chic detail to a simple dress.

    Bridal Wraps

    If you're having an autumn or winter wedding, you might want to wear a bridal wrap to keep warm before and after the ceremony. Bridal wraps come in several styles and fabrics making it easy to find a style that matches your theme. Decide whether or not you're going to wear a traditional or contemporary veil. Bridal veils offer the gracefulness of a single layer or the mystique of a double layer. Bridal veils can come in many colors, so make sure to choose one that compliments your dress.

    Selecting a Wedding Veil


    Traditional wedding veils are typically layered. They're worn from the midpoint of the head. The netting drapes over the back of the hair, trailing to the shoulder or even cascading to the floor. For the classic look on your wedding day, a layer of the longer veil is folded over the front to slightly cover the bride's face. The bride's father traditionally lifts the veil over her head at the front of the wedding altar when he gives her away. More modern veils are a simple net attached to a bridal headpiece that covers the face or can drape to the back or side. Shorter veils can still be turned over the top of the headpiece if you choose. Select the length and style of the veil to coordinate with your dress length, sash, train and gloves. Some of our bridal headpieces offer a more modern look, with netting attached to a headband or a bridal hair comb. These are ideal for shorter hair or an up-do. Veils and bridal headpieces can be worn with any hair length.

    May 23, 2014
  • Wedding Table Decorations

    The decorations are the most fun part of planning your wedding reception. Decide what type of food and refreshments you're going to have so you'll know how to set the tables. Plan on having a head table for the wedding party. It's customary to have one or two tables reserved for the bride's and groom's parents. Guests can be seated at other tables. The bride and groom can decide beforehand whether guests will seat themselves or have assigned seating. Placecards and table markers can help people find their assigned seats or designated tables. The formality of the wedding table decorations should reflect the formality of the reception. Trying to decide which Bella Bridal & Heirlooms decorations you like the best? Narrow down your search by color or by price. Want to see them all?

    Looking To Create A Warm Setting! Our Tea-lights Can Help. Looking To Create A Warm Setting! Our Tea-lights Can Help.
    May 22, 2014
  • Cake Tips for Your Wedding Day

    One of the great traditions of a wedding reception is for the happy couple to cut the cake together. You don't have to cut the whole thing, it's normally just the bottom layer. If you have a caterer, the staff will have the cake cutting table set up for you, and complete the cutting when you're done.

    • Choose a cake flavor for the bottom layer that you both like. You have the option to feed each other or to share the first slice on one plate. Your parents are served after you, but before the rest of your guests.
    • You might not have a chance to get another piece of cake, so make sure it's something you like. You might ask someone to save two slices for you for later if you're not leaving for your honeymoon right after the reception.
    • If you decide to feed each other, you can do this two ways. You can do it nicely, or you can be playful and smear cake and frosting on each other's faces. This is a good topic to talk over before your wedding day, because you might have two very different ideas. It could cause unhappiness or embarrassment if you're not on the same page.

    Tradition allows for the top layer of the wedding cake to be saved for the bride and groom to freeze and save until their first wedding anniversary. More modern couples save it to eat after they return from their honeymoon. They'll pick up a fresh cake or dessert from a bakery to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

    May 22, 2014
  • Gifts and Keepsakes

    It's important to make the people in your wedding party feel valued. Presenting them with gifts and keepsakes of your special day can do just that. Choose gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen that suit them and their personalities. Something they can use and cherish is part of what makes the moment last forever. At Bella Bridal & Heirlooms, we have a wide range of personalized gifts that will make every member of your wedding party feel valued on your special day.


    Groomsmen Gifts

    Groomsmen gifts can include cufflinks, money clips and pocket watches. If you want your groomsmen to wear the same cufflinks during the ceremony and reception, you can give the wedding cufflinks as a gift! This eliminates the issues that come along with having everyone find and buy the same cufflinks and gives them something they can use in the future. Another great groomsmen gift is a personalized flask. Have each flask engraved with a nickname or name making it a unique gift they'll cherish for a lifetime!

    Bridesmaids Gifts

    Great bridesmaids gifts include jewelry, evening wraps and travel bags. Some classic gifts we offer for any members of your wedding party or special friends are personalized glasses and tote bags. Some bridesmaids like to change their shoes, and sometimes outfits, after the reception. Giving them a personalized tote bag makes it easy for them to pack a change of clothes for when the wedding is over.

    Bella bridal offers a wide selection of gifts and keepsakes for your wedding party, anniversary and other special occasions. Visit our gifts and keepsakes section to find something the recipient is sure to love!


    May 22, 2014
  • Helpful Questions and Answers!


    How to Choose the Right Wedding Jewelry?

    Everything's a little bit different on your wedding day. Your smile's a little bigger, your eyes are a little brighter and your heart is a little lighter. Your jewelry should be a little different, too. Create a special look with jewelry that coordinates well with your wedding dress and your hairstyle. If your dress is sparkly, consider sparkly earrings. A dress with beading and satin stitching should pair well with pearls. You can use wedding jewelry to embrace at least a part of the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

    May 22, 2014

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